News In the Schools: Going Green at DIT at Cody and FLICS

This week’s “News from the Schools” come from AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators, Dan and Gibran.

Currently taking a year off from his masters program in landscape architecture, Dan Buckley is excited to be a member of the Detroit Youth Energy Squad.  Dan offers a strong background in sustainable technology having earned a B.S. in renewable energy technology from Illinois State University.  He also brings relative managerial skills to D-YES as a former project manager for Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation.  With a passion for sustainable design, Dan hopes to garner a more robust foundation in youth development through D-YES so to one day better educate children and young adults on earth stewardship.

Gibran Washington is a native of Detroit raised in Northwest area of the city. He graduated Wayne State University with degrees in geology in 2003 and 2009. His academic and personal interest covers a spectrum of awareness; from sustainability to innovative social enterprises. While a graduate student at WSU, Gibran worked in exploration gold mining geochemistry. His work has taken him to Timmins, ONT, Canada and Elko, NV in an exploration geology directed capacity. STEAM is a major current focus for him with concern around programs for urban youth working as a National Science Foundation Teaching Fellow, and other science focused summer engineering programs for high school students. Gibran is excited to continue his work within the community of Detroit. This is the first year for Gibran serving as an AmeriCorps Green School Coordinator and eagerly looks forward to representing the D-YES with his role as ambassador to the emergent aspects of energy, natural resources, water conservation, and urban farming.

Check out  some of the great work their doing to making a difference in Detroit Public Schools while going green.

Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody High Schools

10.24.13_Recycle Bin Washing2_DIT

The Detroit Institute of Technology at Cody High School has begun to break ground on a new outdoor classroom installation that will help give students a change of atmosphere throughout the school year.  Sustainability Coordinator Chad Segrist says “Students will plan and implement a comprehensive school garden and greening campaign designed to promote sustainability principles and support the DIT Green Team in the DPS Go Green Challenge. Project objectives include a recycling campaign, landscaping, agricultural installations, and an outdoor classroom installation.” This student-lead project is just one of many ongoing programs aimed to increase student awareness on the overarching themes of the environment and sustainability. The 2013-14 school year also marks the beginning of a new recycling program at DIT. Recycle Ann Arbor kindly donated enough bins to outfit nearly every classroom at the school. These bins are set to be decorated by the student body over the next two weeks to achieve points in the DPS Go Green Challenge.

10.24.13_Recycle Bin Washing1_DIT

Foreign Language Immersion & Cultural Studies

Dumpster Decoration3 FLICS_11.4.13We are excited to report that Foreign Language Immersion & Cultural Studies (FLICS) completed their Dumpster Decoration Project for the DPS Go Green Challenge on November 4, 2013 with an engaging and vibrant group of students called the Energy Guardians. Their design is uniquely distinguished by a “rising phoenix encircled in recycling arrows” along with the various foreign languages that the team speaks. Letrelle and Gregory did a great job improvising the previously prepared hand drawing on the phoenix image the Energy Guardians proudly display along with their three R’s slogans. A job well done by all students!


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