Green News: Coleman A Young and Bunche Academy

Green News from the Schools
This week’s News from the Schools is brought to you by coordinator pair Kyung-mee and Starlyn.

Coleman A. Young Elementary School

Preschool teachers have many responsibilities but the teachers at Coleman A. Young Elementary School can now add something unique to that list, Green Team Coordinators. Under the leadership of Anya Leavy, Coleman A. Young preschool teachers have formed the DPS Go Green Challenge Green Team and have started their quest to make their school sustainable. Each teacher is tackling a different area of the Go Green Challenge and they have individually created year-long plans.
At Coleman A. Young, there is a classroom dedicated to trash and recycling, and it is hard to imagine a more fitting place for green initiatives. This classroom, named Trashy Treasures, teaches students about reusing and recycling, and environmental responsibility. In a day and age where Twitter gives real time updates and Instagram provides instant photos, Trashy Treasures teaches students patience and responsibility by using something society does not value: trash. The classroom shows students how to reuse items that would normally be trash to create new products through making recycled water bottle holiday wreaths and other school artwork. It requires patience as most of the projects take multiple class sessions to produce a final product. Students also have a micro-economy where they create reused items (such a scarves and bracelets) and learn green entrepreneur skills.
In their first year with the DPS Go Green Challenge, Coleman A. Young is taking on projects and adding their own unique twist. For the recycle dumpster decoration project, Trashy Treasures created a purple one-eyed monster recycling collection container where students fed the monster their recycling. Check out the monster on the DPS Go Green website. It will be exciting to watch how the DPS Go Green Challenge unfolds at Coleman A. Young.
Ralph J. Bunche Prep. Academy
This is the first year Bunche Academy is participating in the DPS Go Green Challenge and they are leading the way in project submissions and green attitudes. Dedicated Sustainability Coordinator, Diana Koss, has been a champion for sustainability at her school for years and is always looking for opportunities to go green.
Ms. Koss pioneered classroom recycling in her building, taking on the personal duty of dropping off the recycling collected in her classroom at a recycling center without the aid of a school-wide program. During the Recycle Bowl Competition, Ms.Koss partnered with the two other DPS Go Green Challenge coordinators at Bunche to recycle an impressive 3,979 milk cartons, in addition to paper and plastic materials. Bunche has completed every DPS Go Green Challenge released and hosted classroom energy lessons with their 7th grade students focused on saving energy in their building.
Bunche is dedicated to innovation, with a multitude of programs encouraging technological integration and developing student lifelong skill sets, the students are working on many projects aimed at creating a sustainable, healthy, and thriving Detroit. Partnering with Belle Isle programs, students are creating and designing nature trail brochures for patrons and tracking native species. It is without question that Bunche is a great addition to the DPS Go Green Challenge bringing the drive and passion to going green.

Bunche 2
Bunche students created creative bins for the Recycle Bowl competition!

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