DPS Students Bring in the Green and Earn $4,700 in Awards at DPS Go Green Challenge Mid-Year Celebration

Written By: Gibran Washington – February 12, 2014

Thirty-eight Detroit Public Schools were recognized as leading the way in the DPS Go Green Challenge. Schools attending the Mid-Year  Celebration were warmly welcomed at Spain Elementary by Principal Alexander and the Spain Conservation Crew green team. Students from Ralph J. Bunch Preparatory Academy and Maybury Elementary were calm on stage as they shared their experiences participating in the DPS Go Green Challenge.

The experiences shared by the students were inspiring as they described completing projects in recycling, energy and water conservation, student health and nutrition, and innovative green projects of their own choosing.  The students highlighted how the DPS Go Green Challenge supports students and teachers as they use school facilities as a launching pad for innovative programming and hands-on lessons that improve student achievement, positively impact the community, and reduce operating costs.

A student member of the Energy Guardians green team at Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies (FLICS) elaborated on the sustainability values learned through DPS Go Green Challenge, stating:

“I see how much we can save from recycling and I’m proud of that and how we could do our part. We are all excited about helping the school.”

On stage Thomas Barnes, a sustainability coordinator for Davison Elementary Middle School, shared some of his school’s successes in going green:

“We reduced energy cost 27%.  We close the shades each day to save energy….The produce that we produce [in our gardens] goes into the community and science lessons… We made baked fries in school…”  

The DPS Go Green Challenge is an innovative partnership that brings a diverse group of supporters such as the Bosch Community Fund and Office Depot, non-profit partners such as AmeriCorps, EcoWorks, Green Living Science, Greening of Detroit, and DPS Offices of Operations, Science, and School Nutrition to support 58 DPS schools whose students, teachers, and staff are leading the District’s charge in “Going Green”.  Schools have completed 183 DPS Go Green Projects so far this year.  The schools who won awards at the DPS Go Green Mid-Year Celebration are:

DPS Go Green Challenge Mid-Year Cash Awards

$100 Recipients
Academy of the Americas
Ann Arbor Trail
Bennett Elementary
Carstens Academy
Carver STEM Academy
Clippert Academy
Cody High School – DIT
Coleman A. Young
Davison Elementary/ Middle school
Detroit Lions Academy
Dixon Educational Learning Academy
Durfee Elementary Middle
Golightly Education Center, PK-8
Gompers Elementary-Middle School
John E. Clark Preparatory Academy
John R. King Academic and Performing Arts Academy
Ludington Magnet Middle School
Mark Twain
Maybury Elementary
Nichols Elementary/Middle, K-8
Noble Elem/Middle School
Pasteur Elem
Roberto Clemente
Robeson/Malcolm X Academy
Spain Elementary/Middle
Vernor Elementary
Westside Alternative

$200 Recipients
Bates Academy
Cass Technical High School
Dossin Elementary/Middle
Emerson Elementary/Middle
Foreign Language Immersion Center
Henderson – Jeminson Elemantary/ Middle School
Keidan Special Education Center
Neinas Elementary
Ralph J. Bunche Preparatory Academy

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