News from the Schools: Updates from West-Central

Keidan Goes Above and Beyond to Create a Green Community! 

Building off of their successful reputation from the DPS Go Green Challenge last year, Keidan Special Education Center has continued to shine in this year’s challenge. In addition to completing all of the released projects to date, Keidan was the very first school to receive a Challenge point this year!

Taking into account the needs of all its students, the staff is a true example of community and has gone above and beyond to be engaged in the program and adapt projects to fit the needs of the students. In keeping with their community mindset, their recycling dumpster was decorated with the assistance of custodians, giving them an opportunity to also be invested in the program and make conscious decisions when dealing with the school’s waste. Sustainability coordinator, Ms. Massingill, is exploring innovative project ideas to demonstrate and expose students to other avenues of environmentalism. Some projects in the works include a Green Presentation for different age levels as well as creating Keidan’s very own healthy recipe book.  A shining example of what it means to be green, Keidan truly is home to the rising stars!

Dossin Goes Green with Green Smoothies

Dossin Elementary-Middle has come into its own this year as a wonderful example of what it means to be a “green school”. New to the DPS Go Green Challenge this year, Dossin was the very first school to earn a point for their innovative projects. Mrs. Brantley-Phillips’ 6th grade class created green smoothies, using healthy options such as honey and kale. Mrs. Phillips understands that it is important to show children fun alternatives to refined sugars and processed foods as snacks. Her goal was to encourage creation and consumption of green smoothies; and the outcome could have broader health implications for students that truly internalized the message of this project. This project was a unique way of exposing children to foods, such as kale, that they otherwise might be reluctant to try. This is especially important for DPS students, as kale is a food grown in Detroit School Garden Collaborative gardens.

Seven completed DPS Go Green Challenge projects later, Dossin continues to be an impressively imaginative school, successfully completing challenge projects while incorporating their own creative ideas into the program. We’re look forward to seeing more unique projects from Dossin throughout the year!

Written by: Starlyn Robinson Green School Coordinator

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