Sage Advice from Burton International’s Kindergartners

Hello Go Green Challenge Folks!

In an unconventional issue of News from the Schools, I present to you:

Sage Advice from Kindergartners 

Burton International’s kindergartners have some advice about reducing, reusing, and recycling to share with us!

What ways can you practice reducing waste in the classroom?

  •         Make a super hero with your bottles
  •         Draw/write on both sides of the paper
  •         Use pencils until we can’t sharpen them anymore
  •         Use crayons, even broken ones, until they are all gone.
  •         Turn off the lights when we are not in the classroom
  •         Do not leave the computer on if you are not using it
  •         Do not leave the refrigerator open or stand looking inside


What is one way you can reuse materials in the classroom?

  •         Draw on the back of the Science boards
  •         Take off Science information (after graded) and use it again
  •         Build a tower or a house or a bigger board or an arcade or a cave

What human actions cause this increase in waste between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day?

  •         Christmas gifts being wrapped with new wrapping paper
  •         New Year’s Eve confetti and streamers
  •         Going to parties and dinners that use paper plates, cups, and plastic utensils
  •         Leftover food that people throw away

What other ways can the amount of waste be reduced?

  •         Wrap gifts with newspaper
  •         Recycle the confetti and streamers (if clean)
  •         Party givers should use their dishes and utensils – company can help wash the dishes
  •         Freeze leftovers instead of throwing them away


An estimated 2.6 billion holiday cards are sold each year in the U.S. This amount could fill a football field that is ____ stories high.

  •                   100
  •         We chose 100 because 2.6 billion is A LOT of cards!!!
  •         Wasting too much paper

If every person in your class recycles ALL their paper for one year, how many trees will be saved from being cut down?

  •         27 students x 6 trees = 162 trees would be saved!
  •         We want to keep our trees clean.
  •         We want the trees to be healthy and grow.

Bee Green gave recycling assemblies at 25 schools.

If each school averages about 600 students, how many students in Detroit learned how to recycle?

  •         25 schools x 600 students = 15,000 students

What is the hardest thing about recycling?

  •         I try to do it at home and my mom says, “Throw it away in the garbage time, sometimes.”
  •         People litter instead of recycling – they throw things on the ground.

What are 2-3 possible solutions for that challenge?

  1.     Ask mom to get a recycle box and I (the student) will do the recycling at home.
  2.     Recycle contest at home and the one who recycles the most gets to pick dinner or the movie


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