News from the Schools

Robeson/Malcolm X Represents Go Green at the Science Fair!

Under the guidance of their ambitious and committed science teacher, Dr. Rosemary Amene, 8th grade students Roneisha Anderson and Keturah Mahli of Paul Robeson/Malcolm X Academy entered the 57th Annual Science and Engineering Fair of Metro Detroit this month. They won a First Place Gold award for their Go Green-inspired project: Reduce, Reuse, Recyle: An Alternative Use of Non-Biodegradable Materials!

The students spent about 5 weeks during and after school preparing their project. When asked what prompted them to choose a recycling-oriented project for the science fair, the young women responded that their school puts a big emphasis on recycling, and they wanted to find out what else you could do with those recyclable materials. According to their award-winning poster, their project sought to “discover what materials work best as insulation to keep heat in.” In addition to gathering materials, the students built a small model house with built-in side pockets to hold the various materials they tested. Though they guessed that wool would provide the best insulation, the girls were surprised to learn that Styrofoam was actually the winner. Though students and teacher could agree that the project was a lot of work and took a lot of time! But they also agreed that the time and effort was “really worth it in the end!”

Congratulations to Ms. Anderson and Ms. Mahli for your hard work and dedication to this impressive green-inspired science fair project! Paul Robeson/Malcolm X Academy has completed many of the Go Green Challenge projects and continues to be a leader in student empowerment and green initiatives. Keep up the good work!


Full STEAM Ahead for Vernor Elementary!

Vernor Elementary school is no stranger to commitment! They’re used to being focused, completing a task, and saving energy! The students and faculty have tackled recycling, healthy eating, and powering down the building as part of the DPS Go Green Challenge. Mrs. Brown, the schools’ sustainability coordinator, presented a huge smile as she signed for her Green Team’s $100 reward check for being one of the top participating schools this year.

As one of few elementary schools that started a STEAM after-school program, Vernor Elementary works hard to see that their school completes as many DPS Go Green challenges as possible to keep them on top. With great support from parents, faculty, and staff, Vernor was able to host its first Energy-Saving Workshop for parents, led by their school’s AmeriCorps coordinators along with a partner from THAW.

There are more success stories to come from Vernor Elemetary! As spring approaches, Mrs. Brown will be looking forward to keeping her students engaged by continuing their after school program with continuing support from parents, faculty and staff!

Keep up the good work Vernor!


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