Awesome News from the Schools

Trashy Treasures at Coleman Young Elementary School

Walking into Coleman A. Young Elementary can feel like entering into a real life Dr. Seuss book. Walls adorned with giant, multicolored plastic wreaths, life size trees straight from The Lorax, and a mock aquarium filled with giant fish and mysterious sea creatures. These and a multitude of other fantastical creations find their origin in the Trashy Treasures classroom, where students using recycled materials such as, plastic bottles and caps, newspaper, egg cartons, and old paper towel rolls make every art project.

Trashy Treasures is the brainchild of Ms. Hernandez, who is in charge of school data collection in addition to the art curriculum. Principal Melissa Scott and teachers such as the Go Green Challenge sustainability coordinator Anya Leavy support and encourage these student-made recycled creations, which are proudly displayed around the school building. At Coleman A. Young, the intersection of creativity and sustainability is truly a school wide passion.


Marquette goes paperless

 In light of the recycling challenge, Marquette Elementary-Middle School has decided to go paperless. The staff and administration now communicate electronically when dealing with memos, newsletters, and any staff related announcements.

Teachers will now be able to have electronic records of staff related documents throughout the year, reducing the use of paper. As a result, paper use has gone down significantly and Marquette is on an amazing start to becoming sustainable.



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