News from Western High and FLICS

Western Fashion Show

Going Green doesn’t have to be drab and grey – just ask green team members at Western. To build awareness around the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle themes Victoria and Stephen have been leading fellow green team members in creating a reused material fashion show. Making garment patterns out of newspaper and their creations from used clothing they dress to impress – impress fellow students to go green, that is. They catwalked their creations today at their school’s BuildOn “taste fest” which is a dessert potluck. Check out our blog in the near future for photos from their creative event!

Lux Metering at FLICS

How often do you think about the lighting in your hallways – light is light,right? FLICS’ Green Guardians have some information to share – that may not be the case! Using lux meters (which measure the perceived intensity of light) the green team was surprised to see the variation of lighting in different locations and excitedly compared readings for seemingly similar areas – by the floor, up high, in the center of the hallway versus the sides, etc. Green team member Amanda compared the hallway light readings to the recommended light levels and determined that the hallways have more than the recommended level of lighting.  She plans to talk to FLIC’s Facility Manager to share her findings and see if there is a feasible way to reduce hallway lighting. Just let us know if your green team would like to experiment with lux meters too and we will send them your way.


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