Super Green News from Renaissance High and Sampson-Webber

Renaissance Kicks Off Classroom Aquaponics Project

This month, Green Team members at Renaissance High School are diving into their chosen capstone project: a classroom aquaponics system! Aquaponics is a food production system that uses the waste produced by fish or other aquatic life as nutrients for plants. With the help of their Sustainability Coordinator, Mrs. Williams, student leader Jane and core members Rachel, Tiara and Tori, the Green Team decided to conduct their project using a fish tank and growing beds that were part of an existing indoor greenhouse rack system. The primary aim is for the system to be utilized as a tool for teaching the nitrogen nutrient cycle to students.

Currently, the team is researching the best types of fish to use in their system along with the most suitable plants to be grown in the two growing trays. At their last Green Team meeting the team prepared the suspension system for the growing trays in the tank. The next step will be to finish installing bulkheads to fill and drain the water. Check out their progress in the photos attached!

Sampson-Webber Featured in Detroit Teacher Newsletter for Go Green Efforts

The January/February 2015 edition of The Detroit Teacher features a photo of Sustainability Coordinator Lashon Clay and other teachers smiling with joy. Those smiles are a result of their successful efforts to stay on top of the DPS Go Green Challenge projects at Sampson-Webber this school year. Mrs. Clay has been working tirelessly to drop off recyclables, monitor energy patrols and build a compost bin and it is wonderful to see her efforts recognized!

Sampson-Webber is a school that is serious about making a change within DPS. At 1pm every day, all lights are turned off for an hour! You can read more about Mrs. Clay and Sampson-Webber’s “Green Sampson 3rd Grade Team’s” Go Green efforts by clicking the link below (see page 4).

Great work!



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