Green News from Keidan and Renaisannce!

Keiden Scores with Successful Water Audit

Keidan 1The Rising Stars at Keidan Special Education Center have been working hard all year to keep their school green – from their dedicated recycling efforts to saving energy in the classrooms, these students are helping their school be sustainable and save money to boot. Most recently, Samantha, Darius, and Javier from Ms. Hubbard’s 8th grade class performed a water audit to make sure the school isn’t wasting any water on things like leaky faucets and running toilets. After a thorough inspection, these students are happy to say they found no major leaks! Ms. Hubbard and Ms. Massingill, the two sustainability coordinators at the school, along with the office staff, are truly dedicated to the DPS Go Green Challenge mission – and are also dead set on getting those GGC points!

Take a look at the attached photo of Ms. Hubbard posing with some of the Rising Stars green team at Keidan Special Education Center during a patrol!

Renaissance gets into the Flow with Aquaponics Project

The Go Green Team at Renaissance High School is working diligently on their classroom aquaponics system to help them better understand the relationships between water, nutrients and sustainable food production. The team has recently introduced 50 goldfish to their tank, choosing a breed of fish that could be given away to interested students at Renaissance when the system is shut-down over the summer months. This will also allow them to easily start with a fresh stock of fish in their system next fall.Renaissance 1

The team has also already begun germinating seeds for squash and pumpkin that will likely be transplanted outside as they outgrow the system’s capacity. After a unanimous vote, the team has made plans to also start “salsa seeds” like cilantro, peppers and onions to enjoy in several months. Check out the photos of their progress!

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