Solar Design Competition at Douglass Academy for Young Men

Solar Design Competition Wraps Up with Awards Ceremony 

Last week the Douglass Academy for Young Men hosted the Awards Dinner for the Solar Detroit Student Design Contest.  The contest is a partnership between The City of Detroit and the Detroit Public Schools Go Green Challenge. It was open to all students who attend Detroit Public Schools.  The Contest challenged students from grades K-12 to imagine how solar energy can be a part of the revitalization of Detroit.  Student submissions includes an essay and a drawing of their idea.  The creativity of DPS students was on display with ideas including:

 Solar Roadways to generate electricity and melt away snow and ice

 Solar Jet to visit your Grandma

 Solar Toothbrush to keep your teeth clean

 Solar Fans to keep you cool in the summer

 Solar Touch Screen Table with phone chargers

 Solar iPod and phone chargers

 Solar powered Crime Fighting Robot

 Solar powered Litter Robot that has 2 collection bags on its legs, one for recycling and one for trash

 Solar City Cleaner with attachments for collecting litter, mowing grass, plowing snow and more

 A vision for turning vacant lots into wind and solar farms

  The construction of a working solar thermal array for heating your house made from recycled pop cans and reclaimed lumber

Winning students received a certificate signed by Mayor Mike Duggan and Councilman George Cushingberry – and a gift certificate to Edmonds Scientifics made possible by MGM Grand and the DPS Foundation. Please see the attachments for photos and a list of winners!Solar Design Awards 1

The program included a presentation by the Bennett Elementary Bioneers who showed a video of their school going green and remarked that “The future is so bright for them, they need to wear shades!”  Thank you to all the participants and for a wonderful evening!

Solar Roads-First Place Grades 6-8Solar City Cleaner-Second Place Grades 6-8

Solar Design Awards Winners


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