DPS Green Week Daily Highlights – Tuesday

Join the rest of DPS in celebrating Green Week! Some of Tuesday‘s highlights are: 

Emerson students receiving a visit from Arts N Scraps Scrapmobile to make art projects out of reused materials. The visit is also to celebrate Emerson’s statewide 1st place finish in Recycle Bowl, when the green team led their school to recycle a whopping 12.49 lbs of recycling per person!

Ann Arbor Trail students receiving a visit from the Arts N Scraps Scrapmobile to make art projects out of reused materials.The visit is also to celebrate Ann Arbor Trail’s statewide 3rd place finish in Recycle Bowl, where the green team led their school to recycle a very impressive 5.82 lbs pf recycling per person.


Academy of the Americas students making posters in both English and Spanish on ways to be green. They also celebrated the energy and water conservation theme by sharing a National Geographic video in Spanish about the Aral Sea to raise water conservation awareness.

Coleman A. Young students reusing milk cartons to make bird feeders Cartons top will be cute off and students will decorate the outside and place cereal inside. They also celebrated Monday’s energy and water conservation theme with a Green Power Hour (Daily from 2:303:30) and by creating a classroom rain bucket to be placed in the fenced in area by the marquis. The bucket will be used to measure water conserved and used for watering plants in the atrium after measurement.

Keidan students and staff are wearing yellow to celebrate the healthy food color of the day. Keidan’s SC’s had a busy few days, presenting at a Detroit Soup presentation explaining the details of their proposed Collingwood Community Garden. Their presentation won and they secured  money for two tillers, a shed, plants, and flowers Congratulations!


Priest green team members are prepping their garden beds today

West Side Academy students celebrate by hosting an “Everyone wears Green!” day. Each advisory class is taking a picture wearing their Green and the advisory is also being used to remind students of the events for Green Week and to continue to use their Food Plate chart. They kicked off the week strong with an assembly on Monday to discuss recycling, the Food Plate Challenge, Earth Day, the events for the week and the scholarship deadline. What an inspiring idea to award a scholarship to a green team member!

Carstens Elementary Middle School @ Remus Robinsons green team is having a Go Green Art Contest. On Monday they kicked off Green Week with a Go Green Assembly.

Burton students are having a fun completing an Eco scavenger hunt. They also celebrated the energy and water conservation theme with a lights out contest, gave classroom team shout outs, and created posters to display announcements for the weeks’ activities.

Maybury is having a recycling competition

Drew Transition Center is continuing their daily announcements about Going Green, recycling, and healthy eating. Drew students also celebrated Monday’s energy and water conservation theme by doing school wide patrols.


Bennett Students are participating in an “Earth Walk” – collecting materials to make a collage and an Earth Walk Concert – recording sounds heard in nature

Roberto Clemente students are participating in an Recycle art project and being treated to a Green Team demo,


Bates Academy green team members are prepping their garden beds today


Neinas students are wearing green and enjoying games in the gym like plastic bottle bowling and a recycling game


Burton is soliciting 8th grade students to spearhead an initiative to recycle Styrofoam products used in the cafeteria 


Gompers students are making art projects from recycled materials in art class


Hutchinson is continuing their work kicking off green week with an art contest demonstrating water or energy conservation, a greening project, or simply ways to protect our earth


Turning Point Academy students are resting after a long day Monday working on their African Keyhole Garden. In addition to making this innovative type of garden, which will be highlighted in more detail later this week during the Garden themed day,

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