Earth Day Daily Highlights

Happy Earth Day! DPS is joining people in 192 countries around the world in celebrating Earth Day today. Keep an eye out for something delicious and GREEN in the cafeteria today because the healthy food color of the day is GREEN.

We are certainly doing our part to add to the worldwide celebration! In addition to helping the world, many of students’ activities are helping right in the neighborhood of their school – from park clean ups to growing produce to donate to food pantries to what seems like the countless other ways students are making a positive impact. Just take a look at some ofWednesday’s highlights:

Sampson students are planting trees and radish seeds. Green team members are making smoothies and the school  is having a Go Green Prep Rally. Today builds off their earlier work – PA announcements, water conservation hours, and making recycling bins

Emerson, FLICS, Neinas, and Roberto Clemente  students are joining the City of Detroit’s official Earth DayCelebration at RecycleHere! Student will participate in fun recycling themed activities.

Twain is celebrating with a “Green Spirit Day” with students encouraged to wear green. That green will be visible when the whole school participates in a school wide block clean up.  Earlier this weeks students watched the Lorax and participated in conservation activities themed around the movie.

Drew Transition Center is having multiple seeding parties, growing plants from seeds for organizations that feed the hungry through local food pantries. Altogether, they will be seeding 80 flats of lettuces and bush beans. They will also be planting their Straw Bale Garden, with tomatoes, hot peppers, basil and more being planted into 40 bales of straw. This will provide the school farm stand with produce to sell to parents and the community.

Bates green team members are being joined by City Council President Pro-Tempore George Cushingberry, Jr. to give a presentation to the school. This support comes hot off the heels of Councilman Cushingberry’s recent partnership in our Student Solar Design Competition.

Academy of the Americas students are participating in a clean up of a park across the school

Fisher Upper Magnet students are measuring  their site for a future “Edible Forest” nature area. They are also decorating classroom tree with ornaments made by students depicting all the things that trees provide for us. Earlier this week 8th grade students painted watercolor pictures that promote water conservation (this ties into their curriculum for science) and created portraits of trees using natural materials.

Coleman A. Young students are being encouraged to  wear green and comfortable clothes. The comfy clothes will come in handy as students are cleaning up around the school and cleaning up trash near the sidewalk as teachers ensure a safe and productive environment

Carver STEM Academy students are wearing green , building on their work earlier this week creating signs from recycled paper announcing DPS Green Week and their plans. Green team member were also announced and appreciated to the school

Renaissance students are having “HIP” activities   – Habitat creation (making a Peace Garden for Wildlife),Invasive species removal (cutting and digging up invasive plants around the schools), and Pollution prevention (stenciling neighborhood drains with “Dump no waste drains to river” signs). They also are posting messages throughout the week aboutEarth Week made of recycled materials and having ecology themed PA announcements. Last Saturday they opened their Green Team’s Green Space for the open house.

Hutchinson is celebrating Earth Day with students and staff wearing their Earth Day shirts

West Side Academy classes are signing up to help get the garden woken up. It is an all day affair including weeding the beds in 1st hour, tilling in 2nd hour, etc.

Carstens Elementary Middle School @ Remus Robinson  is celebrating with Go Green Movie Time

Burton students are continuing their weekly gardening, composting, and recycling activities and having a recycled art creation day today

Clippert Academy is having a lights out day, wearing green shirts, and weather permitting getting started with their Spring gardening

Bennett  students may wear green, dress up like the Earth &/or wear an artificial bird’s nest in their hair. Another innovate Green Week activity students are participating in a swap event where students bring in old toys, video games & books to swap

Roberto Clemente is having a green spirit day, a lights out contest, and a picture contest

Ronald Brown is having a green parade with students carrying green posters. Afterwards students will help clean up and beautify the school grounds

Marquette students are planting  in their gardens

Mann Learning Community  green team members are prepping their garden beds and doing recycling patrols

Western students are judging a green themed art contest

Munger is having a lights out activity and starting their Rainbow Plates discussions

Davison is having a school wide clean up, breaking in garden beds, and having other gardening activities. They are also hosting a mammogram screening bus to help draw parents into the festivities

Neinas is having a school wide lights out activity

Schulze is working on several beautification projects this week, one of which is cleaning in and around the school grounds

Keidan is hosting an Earth Day assembly and stuff and students are wearing green. Students are making paper maches from recycled newspapers.

DIT @ Cody is celebrating Earth Day, with students putting the finishing touches and turning on the hydroponic system they have built in their greenhouse. Want to enter the Green Week Photo Contest? Scope out your competition in the attached pictures of DIT Cody students working on their hydroponic system build

Priest  is having a grounds clean up and lights out activity

Gompers green team members will plant trees on school grounds

Green Week is continuing for the rest of week and we want to highlight your work! Let us know what you are up to this week via this survey

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