Green Week Daily Highlights – Friday

Finishing up Earth Week strong are the many schools who are celebrating on Friday, which has a special theme of Gardens.  Keep an eye out for something delicious and PURLE in the cafeteria today because the healthy food color of the day is PURPLE. Take a look at some of Friday’s highlights:

Hutchinson’s special feature and culminating activity will be their 8th grade prom supporting their Go Green yearly challenges with the theme “Enchanted Forest” which includes a total makeover of our cafetorium into an enchanted, magical place using recycled materials. They are also announcing and celebrating their art contest winners.

Schulze is launching a cross grade-level cooperative learning gardening project. They are also working on a creating a walking trail around the perimeter of their grounds which will include features made of recycled materials such as coffee can or tire planters

DCP@NW students are reclaiming their greenhouse this morning

Fisher Magnet Upper Academy students are writing and illustrating a  ‘sequel’ to the Lorax

Sampson students are cleaning around their school and as well as the blocks within the school radius

Neinas students are printing shirts and discussing rainbow plates. Yesterday they also created bird feeders and created recycled art projects

Jerry L. White green team members are prepping the garden beds for planting

Bunche students are planting seeds in their garden this morning. On Earthy Day staff and students work green. Students also created drums of recycled materials and made a strong entry into photo contest, which is attached.

Academy of the Americas students are learning about the ecology flag and writing poems or the earth

Coleman A. Young  students are planning their gardens, with a worksheet that will help them draw what fruits or vegetables they would like to grow in their garden

Carver STEM Academy grades 6-8 will join younger students, the “Little Sprouts”, to clean up outside and prepare the garden area for planting. The will also have a Recycle scavenger hunt, present the Earth Day PowerPoint and if the day allows have a lights out day

West Side Academy is collecting rainbow plates from all of the participating classes and students and tallying the results for discussion and reporting

Keidan staff and students are celebrating the healthy food color of the day by wearing purple or pink and are taking pictures by their garden. Ms. Masssingill is still looking for good homes for the baby bunnies they found – you can reach here at 313-465-9119 or 313-873-9400

Carstens Elementary Middle School @ Remus Robinson is hosting a Go Green Clean Time

Clippert students are gardening, weather permitting

Burton students are participating in a  community clean up around their school and having a gallery walk of all recycled art and posters

Maybury students are participating in a Clark Park Clean-up

Emerson students are planting

John R. King students are gardening and this week have planted seeds and flowers around the campus, shown the Lorax to younger students, and wore green for Earth Day.

Ronald Brown Academy students are gardening this week, building on their garden club’s weekly meetings throughout the year which has included birdhouse making, pumpkin painting, and other fun activities

The Green Week Photo Contest is still taking submissions!  Just send us your photos and be entered to win a pizza party, digital cameras, and framed pictures of your photos.

We can’t thank you enough for making Green Week so full of engaging and educational activities that keep our students going green.

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