Green Week Daily Highlights – Thursday

Wow! What an amazing Earth Day! Congratulations on doing our students and the district proud!

Some big names came out to lend their support – from Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions, who gave students at Detroit Lions Academy jackets made of recycled material to City Council President Pro-Tempore George Cushingberry, Jr., who joined Bate’s green team presentation to their school.

Thank you for all the work that you put into Earth Day and Green Week. When Ronald Brown Academy green team member Nila was asked on Earth Day how she was planning to celebrate Green Week, she replied without hesitation “My Grandpa and I are going to Belle Isle and cleaning up the beach”. Unique, a fellow green team member, offered “My mom and I are planting in our garden this weekend and we are going to plant my favorite vegetable!” What a testament to your work that our students are taking it even beyond the school walls and creating their own green celebrations with their families.

Many schools are keeping the green grove going by continuing to celebrate Green Week. Thursday’s special theme is Healthy Foods.  Keep an eye out for something delicious and RED in the cafeteria today because the healthy food color of the day is RED. Take a look at some of Thursday’s highlights:

Burton preschoolers are composting and doing the rainbow plate challenge. On Earth Day students wore green and made recycled art projects. Take a look at a photo contest entry from Burton last year, “Preparing a healthy rainbow plate feast” for both photo contest and healthy eating inspiration!

King High School students are breaking ground on their rainwater catchment system today, which will be used to collect rain water for their garden. Students have also organized a clothing drive and made a video on keeping clothing out of landfills that will be distributed to the science teaching staff.

Keidan students and staff  are celebrating the healthy food color by wearing red and participating in the rainbow plate challenge. They have a wonderfully named activity, “I heard it through the Grape Vine” which is planting grape plants by their trellis this week. Today they will give their own own rendition of Detroit Soup where they will put the teachers on blast to speak extemporaneously about a environmental topic for a few minutes. We have also been asked to pass along a special message from Keidan’s Ms. Massingill “We have found some baby bunnies while working around our school grounds. If anyone wants one please call Rochelle Massingill at 313-465-9119 or 313-873-9400. Please post this, they are about two weeks old”

Gompers green team members are makings healthy smoothies and Adrian Mayes will do a healthy plate demonstration to 3rd graders.

Ann Arbor Trail students created an educational banner explaining rainbow plates and suggesting foods for each color. Y

Drew Transition Center students are participating in rainbow plates  and teachers have prepared a brain power breakfast lesson for the this week

Maybury students are participating in the rainbow plate challenge

Carstens Elementary Middle School @ Remus Robinson is having a Go Green River Day

West Side Academy’s theme today is a community clean-up with Mr. Morris’ class and select Green Team volunteers picking up around the neighborhood

Hutchinson will be the cleaning flower and garden today, which is also their school wide day to wear green

Carver STEM Academy students are checking lunchroom meals to align the food and drinks with their daily colors

Coleman A. Young is having a  healthy food day – making snack recipes to go home and bringing in items to share with the class that reflect the rainbow. Students will create their own rainbow plate in class too.

Academy of the Americas has extended a  school-wide invitation for individual classrooms to create a figure made out of recyclable items

Sampson 2nd graders are focusing on recycling plastic today

Fisher Magnet Upper Academy students are watching the The Lorax and are continuing to plan out the site for their “Edible Forest”

Twain students are participating in the rainbow plate challenge. Students are reflecting on questions like “What color do we eat the most/least of? What do we need to eat more of?”. They are also making “Green Smoothy” samples

Emerson  is focusing school wide on recycling today

Munger –  is having rainbow plate discussions. On Earth Day the 6th graders had an Earth Day rally at the end of the school day outside of the school building

Thank you for all that you do!



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