News from Schools

Academy of the Americas and Munger Elementary Collaborate for Challenges

AoA-Munger 1The Academy of the Americas and Munger Elementary Middle School have a dedicated area for Green Team information for the school. For the Water Challenge, the students made posters demonstrating the water cycle as it occurs in our current system. Now for Stage 5, students showcase healthy eating habits by expanding on the Rainbow Plates project. Each student selected a unique fruit or vegetable to draw, which decorates the bulletin board also containing information about what each color represents on the nutritional spectrum. Other students in the school are invited to fill in the plate with foods that they eat! This increases interactivity and raises awareness!

Western Green Team Reduces, Reuses, Recycles and Rewards

The Green Team at Western International High School put a creative spin on Earth Day this year. To celebrate the special day, the team hosted an art contest in which students were encouraged to create a work of art using recycled materials.Western 1 We are excited to announce the winner of the contest is Yessenia! Yessenia created a beautiful doll out of materials that can be recycled or reused. The winner of the contest received a $30 gift card to an art supplies store.

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