News from Our Green Leaders

FLICS Green Team Become Global Go Green Leaders in Fun Game

The FLICS Green has adopted a worldview of Going Green through a multi-day game developed by the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED). This interesting game-lesson helps students understand multiple perspectives on sustainability with respect to energy and economic health.  The academic game allows students to make decisions as a country’s leader. Over the course of the game, students explored topics in social studies, language arts, and science and how they all connect to environmental issues. FLICS 2

The students really enjoyed the lesson and were able to provide helpful feedback for game adaptations that may have stronger links to elements of the DPS Go Green Challenge. Check out photos of the students hard at work in the attachments!



Dixon Green Machines Continue to Churn Out Projects

At Dixon Educational Learning Academy, the green team has worked hard all year to complete DPS Go Green projects.  This has included consistently providing a waste alternative for their recyclable materials through recycling boxes in every classroom. Additionally, the green team has just completed planting some seeds in pots and over the next week will be planting a vertical garden made out of used tires. The tires will be painted in a colorful design of a “Despicable Me” Minion and a ladybug.

Dixon 1Stay tuned for pictures in the closing weeks of school as the team will be constructing solar USB chargers that can potentially be used by students in the school to charge devices. In addition to that project the green team will be working on an environmental CSI project to gain a better understanding of how humans can impact lakes and watersheds like the Rouge River. Go Green Machines!


Jerry L. White Green Team Takes on Overgrown Beds

JerryLWhite 2The green team at Jerry L. White has been hard at work cleaning out overgrown beds that needed lots of love and green attention. Now that the beds have been prepared, the team is ready to plant seeds. It was a lot of hard work but the team did a great job sticking with it. Now onto the tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins, squash, cucumber, and peppers!


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