Big Green, Big News

Green Work Continuing This Summer at Sampson

20150501_135038This summer Sampson Webber Academy will partner with Detroit Youth Energy Squad to continue beautification and gardening work from the fall. A selected group of high school students will assist three coordinators and volunteers from Sampson Webber. This work crew will also involve students from the Green Sampson 3rd Grade Team!

They are looking forward to adding a butterfly garden, bird houses in the atrium and much more. Keep your eye on the wonderful work that is going to be done at Sampson Webber Academy.

Playground Project Takes Root at Schulze Academy 

Schulze Academy will be continuing to go green this summer as part of the D-YES summer youth employment program. A group of more than 30 high school students will be working with Schulze staff and students to create a playground, which the school currently lacks. The school has already begun work on a walking trail, and hopes to include an outdoor classroom space. Ms. Richmond, third grade teacher and Sustainability Coordinator at Schulze, has been dreaming up and working towards this project for a long time, and will be helping to guide the project over the summer.

Sustainability Coordinator at Drew Wins 2015 Educator of the Year

Congratulations to Mr. Craig from Charles R. Drew Transition Center for winning the 2015 Educator of the Year Award from the Michigan Lottery’s Excellence in Education Program! Mr. Craig is a Sustainability Coordinator at Drew and has worked with students there to create an indoor vertical living wall, among other DPS Go Green Challenge projects. For more details on his accomplishments and the details of the award, check out this video and article:

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