DIA for Young Women October Blog

Many students at our school refer to themselves as pink panthers, and this is how we decided on what to name our green team. We wanted to make a team name that would be symbolic of not only our school but would also be able to aid in the transformation of our schools culture. We decided to name our team the Green Panthers. Our goal is that by using this name we can help influence our schools culture and have our fellow students use this as a way to remember the three R’s; reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Other ways to help in our goal to help in the greenification of our school was by creating classroom bins for each of the thirteen classrooms. Our custodial and lunch staff was gracious enough to allow us to take boxes from the lunch room in an effort to reuse them as the classroom bins. We designed the boxes and placed them in the classrooms. Many of the classrooms are already filling their boxes. This shows us that students and teachers understand at some level that it is important to recycle and that when given the resources will use them.

We are currently brainstorming different ideas for projects that we can use our budget on. At first we thought about possibly getting more recycling boxes but using them to collect things such as emptied lipstick, lip-gloss, and mascara. On October 30th, we will be preparing fruit and vegetable smoothies for the elementary students for when they go around on their yearly trick-or-treating around the school. We decided to name this event “Smooth the Kids”.

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