News From The Schools

DPS Go Green Challenge News from the Schools!
West Side Academy Recycling Art Competition
The Green Team at West Side Academy High school, under the direction of Sustainability Coordinator Dr. Rhodes-O’neil, started to plan a recycling art contest. The art contest will be a school wide event in which different students will be able to go into the auditorium and use recyclable material to design a work of art. After everyone finishes their project then the different classes in the school will go into the auditorium where the projects are displayed and will vote on a winner via ballot. The art contest is planned for the week of November 30th, 2015. 
Academy of the Americas
The Green Team at the Academy of the Americas started doing their recycling stage wrap ups. The green team under the Instruction of Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Smuck, will be going to the different classes in their school and giving a brief five minute presentation on the different things they’ve learned during the recycling stage. Some of the topics they will discuss include: the affects on non-renewable resources, reducing landfills, how to properly recycle something, and what is okay to recycle at the school and at home. They spent this week preparing power points and presentations and will be doing their presentations the week of November 30th, 2015. 

Submit YOUR News From the Schools!

Does your school have a great story to share with the other DPS Go Green schools?  We’d love to feature you!  You can submit a story that highlights your green team’s work directly by email – or work with your AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators to develop the piece.  Please include a photo or two to to liven up your story!

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