Renaissance October Blog

Our schools green team goal is to help the students at Renaissance aid their community in obtaining the triple bottom line. With the assistance of Renaissance’s own Green Biology teacher and Green School Coordinators from Ecoworks, we have started taking small steps towards a big change.

Our green team has decided that this year is all about energy and activism. We have been doing research on solar, wind and water as alternative ways to produce energy.

At our seed potluck, every member of the green team worked with solar powered mini-cards to get real time experience seeing solar power at work. We also learned in expensive ways to gain access to solar panels and learned how they work.

We feel that our school has issues with energy use.  The green team wrote letters, sent emails, and had students sign petitions in order to have people come to our school to fix the light problem as a means to aid in our overall energy wasting problem.

We also want to buy a piece of a forest near us in order to conserve it. We started looking into cost and forming a budget and realized that money would be an issue, one that we are not afraid to face. During our green team meetings we came up with different ideas such as Gofundme and a t-shirt fundraiser. We are looking forward to the future for future projects and ways we can help the environment. We plan to have this completed by earth day of 2016. We know that this is a couple of months away but we have other big plans that we plan to make come to fruition through the coming months.

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