Western International October Blog

putting up posterOn Thursday 22, 2015, the Green Team at Western International High School hosted a cleanup of Clark Park. We posted posters and made announcements at school and ended up having 20 odd student volunteers help support the cleanup. As one of our first projects, it was a success and a great accomplishment to all of us. We the green team and the student volunteers met in the school library and divided into three groups, and divided the park into three sections based on the groups. Each group took bags from the janitorial staff and cleaned up the waste around the park. We separated the waste into trash and recyclable materials.

While the three groups cleaned up the park, we the green team went around and hung posters around the park. We made the posters in previous green team meetings; we designed the posters to stress the importance of recycling in the park and to not litter. We choose to clean the park because we want to better our community. There is a kid’s play ground in the park and it had a large portion of the litter around it. We want to make Clark Park a safe and clean environment for members of the local community to be able to use.Cleaning up the park

Something we noticed while cleaning the park is how the people of the community responded to our clean up. Many of the older people, and people with children that were at the park stopped what they were doing and aided us in our goal of cleaning the park. There were also a lot of people that thanked us for cleaning the park and this showed us that people are glad that we took time out of our day to help clean our community. We think it is important for the youth such as ourselves to invest in our environment. We hope to be an example for the younger students from the surrounding schools such as Maybury and Earhart.

We have been in contact with our local city council woman and we plan to create a recycling pick up for Clark Park. We want to establish real change in our community and we believe that there is a desire for this from the residence. We hope that we can have this completed by the spring time of 2016.Just Recycle

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