Western International High School November Blog

This month our green team started to focus on what our Capstone project should be. We want to focus on things that can not only benefit our school but also our local community. We realized that there is a problem with students wasting paper in classrooms, throwing away plastic water bottles, and discarding other recyclable materials into the trash. Our school is one of the schools that have a recycling dumpster and we want to utilize this. Our school however, doesn’t have any classroom bins or recycling bins in general around our school.

We are working on a way to make our capstone project be a vehicle to eliminate the recycling problem at our school. We want to create a recycling program at our school. We plan to get bins for the all the classrooms and additional bins to be placed in the hallway. We also plan to educate students, staff and faculty on how to properly use the recycling bins. The Green Team plans on have volunteers help to aid us in emptying the recycling bins into our large school recycling dumpster. We are hoping that the administration will allow for this to count towards the different volunteer’s community hours that are needed to graduate.  We want there to be different volunteers and that we can have more of our fellow students be involved with keeping our school and community clean.  We are helping that by doing this we will continue to educated the various volunteers in the importance of recycling.

We are hoping that we can also help provide bins for Clark Park as well. We want to have the recycling program expand beyond our school and into our community and that our local city council woman will continue to aid in helping create a local recycling program for our community.



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