Cody High School Blog for October 2015

Cody High School’s Green Team is made up of two   groups of students that meet once a week with our Green Team Coordinator MS. Bettye Madden and Mr. Jake Graham from ECO Works. There are 15 members in each group and our Sustainability coordinator is Mr. Chad Segrist.   The issues we will be addressing for the next four weeks are related to the recycling challenge they are as follows:

  • Collecting and recycling cardboard, paper and plastic bottles
  • Creating posters. Bulletin boards and banners to advertise our campaign
  • Developing a plan to make sure all Green Team Members are recycling at home in order to serve as school role models
  • Making weekly announcements on the school public address system to encourage students to join the recycle campaign
  • Making our own video to encourage recycling in our school
  • Talking to individual students and explaining what the Green Team is all about
  • Complete a showcase in the school hallway about the Green Team and the Recycle Challenge

We recently hosted a fall harvest activity at our school to thanks our partners for the support they have given our school during this past year. We enjoyed pizza, salad and beverages and played games. Thanks to everyone for coming and making our event a success’s

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