Osborn MST November Blog

We plan on building a native landscape garden, located in front of Osborn Collegiate Academy. The reason of this project is to show the community a beautiful entrance for our school.

The idea came from twenty-one MST (Math Science and Technology) students, along with Mr. Juday, our teacher.  The discussion included being responsible for the earth and the local environment. This garden will consist of native plants that will grow on their own, while using natural resources.

The main objective is to create an environmental project, which will reach out the community, and make the outside of our school a better place. Our team would like to incorporate native flowers and grasses that thrive on the normal annual rain fall. It will also include seating areas, and a possible water attraction. The area we planned on building our garden area is surrounded by broken pavement which is impervious, which needs to be replaced. The material we will use will be some type of previous paving, which allows water to soak up directly in the ground without running everywhere. We hope to learn to work together as a team for a good cause.


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