DPS Go Green Challenge News From the Schools

DPS Go Green Challenge News from the Schools!

Clippert Green Team Carolers

The go green team just went “caroling” at every classroom in Clippert, singing holiday songs and reminding folks to power down for the break.

The green team altered the Christmas songs to fit the powering down for the holiday break! The students and classes all had a blast doing this!

Emerson Go Green Holiday Pledge

Powering down at Emerson Elementary/Middle is a continuous effort.  At Christmas time our Go Green Team informed the Emerson School family of ways to reduce and conserve energy over the holiday by turning off the water and the lights.
The “Go Green Team” visited each classroom singing our “Go Green Song,”reminding our staff and students ways in which the (Emerson school family)could work together to conserve energy over the holiday, at school and at home.

Each classroom, (students and teacher) took a “pledge” to reduce and conserve energy over the holiday.

Further, the Go Green Team visited classrooms, helping to unplug, appliances/computers or to put computers to sleep.  They also made a school wide public announcement over the (P. A.) to remind the Emerson family of our pledge to conserve/reduce energy over the holiday.  Conserving energy at Emerson was a team effort.

Finally, the Go Green team even took the time to recycle.


Submit YOUR News From the Schools!

Does your school have a great story to share with the other DPS Go Green schools?  We’d love to feature you!  You can submit a story that highlights your green team’s work directly by email – or work with your AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators to develop the piece.  Please include a photo or two to to liven up your story!


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