Cody High School Blog

This past month, the Cody Green Comets have accomplished many spectacular things. The Green Team has taken its recycling to the next level as we are recycling more frequently now. We took it upon ourselves to educate our fellow students and teachers to make them more comfortable with the process and its cause. Furthermore, we presented our capstone project to a few of our teams partners- which they enjoyed quite a bit if I do say so myself. We speak among each other endlessly about more ways we can heighten our efficiency. We have also branched out toward our greenhouse, growing numerous nutritious and desirous vegetables that we plan to use within our cafeteria to make lunch a healthier part of the day. This past week, we indulged in some of the lettuce we grew, which was, as many students attend to, crunchy and delicious. As are many of the other hearty vegetables, we plant within our greenhouse. In addition to that, we are currently undergoing preparations for the upcoming Spring Thing; which is essentially a large clean-up day for us. Not only is it that, it’s an event where we’ll invite a few of our sister schools from the SEMIS Coalition, as well as the waking up of our well rested community garden.


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