DPS Earth Week: Tuesday 4/19- Gardens

Green activities continue across the District! Please read below or visit our blog to see what Earth Week activities are taking place today!
Our blog can be found at dpsgogreen.wordpress.com/blog/. If you and your students would like to be featured for your Earth Week activities, please let us know by filling out this survey:
Today’s activities include:

Bates Academy: the students on the Bates Academy Green Team will be starting the Plan and Plant Your Garden activity. What a great day to be outside!

Carstens Elementary-Middle School: The “Eco-Cougars” will be making their own salad dressing from scratch using oils, acids and spices. They will be tasting their dressings on salads made with greens donated by a local urban farm.

John R. King Academic and Performing Arts Academy: Students at John R. King are planting bean sprouts in their garden today. They will be observing their bean sprouts in the coming weeks and logging their growth into daily journals as evidence.

Munger Elementary-Middle School: The “Green Squad” at Munger is hosting a school wide Clean Up Day today. They will be distributing trash bags and disposable gloves to teachers and students who wish to participate and will walk around the school picking up trash.

Academy of the Americas: The Green Team at Academy of the Americas held a lesson on colorful foods and why they are an important part of our diets. They will be starting the Rainbow Plates activity today and will be working on incorporating more color into their meals throughout the week.

John E Clark Preparatory Academy: students at John E. Clark Preparatory Academy will be assembling their “Felt Salad Bowls” and talking about the importance of eating colorful fruits and vegetables with their AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators.

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