DPS Earth Week: Thursday 4/21 – Healthy Eating

DPS Earth Week is nearing a close but green activities are pouring in!  Please read below and check out the photos below to see what’s happening in schools across the District.
If you and your students would like to be featured for your Earth Week activities, please let us know by filling out this survey:
Today’s activities include:
Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School: The “Trailblazing Green Team” at Ann Arbor Trail Magnet School hosted a gardening assembly for their school! Even Tammy Tomato and Carlos Corn made an appearance! (see photo below)
Keidan Special Education Center: The students at Keidan Special Education Center are hosting a Healthy Eating Assembly by the Detroit School Garden Collaborative to celebrate nutritious eating at their school!
John R. King Academic and Performing Arts Center: Today, the students at John R. King Academic and Performing Arts Center will be having a presentation on fruits and vegetables (with costumes!) to demonstrate the importance of healthy eating. They will also be making “dirt cups” in the classroom as part of a discussion on soil.
Mason: The “Green Rangers” at Mason will be doing the Rainbow Plates Activity as a celebration of the Healthy Eating Day!
Munger Elementary-Middle School: The “Green Squad” at Munger Elementary-Middle School held a Spring Concert this morning and will be holding their garden bed clean up this afternoon!
Academy of the Americas: The Green Team at Academy of the Americas made smoothies with their AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators to include even more healthy foods into their diet!
Vernor Elementary: The students at Vernor Elementary held a recycling assembly this morning in partnership with Green Living Science!
Roberto Clemente: The “Clemente Conservationists” will be making smoothies as a way to celebrate Healthy Eating Day!
Noble Elementary-Middle School: The students at Noble Elementary-Middle School will be doing the Rainbow Plates Activity to celebrate Healthy Eating Day!
Pasteur Elementary School: The students at Pasteur Elementary are making smoothies with fresh fruits and vegetables to celebrate Healthy Eating at their school!
Mackenzie: The “Green Squad” at Mackenzie held a bottle cap guessing game to promote recycling at their school.
Check out some of the great Earth Week events that have taken place this week in these photos!
Keep up the great work and stay tuned for more highlights tomorrow!

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