Weekly Update!

DPSCD Go Green Challenge Kick-Off Event Rundown!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Go Green Challenge Kick-Off Meeting last Thursday evening!
It was a successful evening of introductions to the Go Green Challenge as well as the programs and people involved! Thanks again to all who participated, we look forward to an exciting year!

Gearing Up Points Due Friday, October 14th!

The gearing up activities are due by Friday, October 14th! These activities include: Login to Credly, Form Your Green Team and Get to Know Your Green School Coordinators.
All activities require “evidence” to be uploaded to Credly to earn points, which can be done by uploading photos of the completed worksheets. Contact your Green School Coordinator with any questions or concerns!

Bosch B.E.S.T Applications due October 19th! 

For the fifth year, Bosch is supporting DPSCD Go Green Challenge teams by providing twenty (20) $500 grants to teachers that will support projects that align with the activities of their Green Teams. Awardees will receive gift cards and will be able to immediately begin their projects!
Apply today by visiting the following link:

Innovation Opportunity!

For one innovation point, your school can host a Recycling Assembly! The assembly is provided by Green Living Science, and is designed to enhance the school’s recycling program and introduce the curbside recycling program in Detroit!
Each assembly consists of 30-minute back-to-back interactive presentations for Pre-K-2nd grade, 3rd-5th grade, and 6th-8th grade. To earn the point, don’t forget to submit an Innovation Project Submission Form along with two photos via Credly.
To sign up for a Recycling Assembly, please fill out the online form by visiting:

Register for the Recycle Bowl!

If you haven’t already registered for the Recycle Bowl, the last day to register is October 14th by midnight!
The Recycle Bowl begins October 17th and ends November 15th. Register today by clicking on this link:
Click the link below to download the full DPSCD Go Green Challenge Stage 2 Toolkit:

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