DPSCD Go Green Challenge Weekly Digest 11/28/16

DPSCD Go Green Challenge Leaderboard!


Here are the preliminary number of badges each school has for the DPSCD Go Green Challenge:
Sampson-Webber Academy: 10 badges
DIA: 8 badges
Bennett Elementary, Dixon: 7 badges
Neinas Elementary, Priest: 5 badges
Munger, Carver, Academy of the Americas, Roberto Clemente: 4 badges
 Mann, DREW, Cooke, Emerson, Gompers, West Side Academy, Detroit Lions Elementary/Middle, Clippert, Davison, Ann Arbor Trail, John R. King, Burton, Harms, Mark Twain : 3 badges
Bunche, Mason, Ronald Brown, Henderson, Carstens, Vernor, East English Village Prepatory: 2 badges
Bates, FLICS, Coleman A. Young, Fisher Magnet Upper: 1 badge
Keep up the great work!

Innovation Point: Power Down For Thanksgiving!


For all of the Green Teams who powered down for Thanksgiving, remember to submit the proper files to Credly!
To earn this point, you must submit an Innovation Project Submission Form along with two (2) photos via Credly.
To claim this credit, use the code: GGCInnovation 

This Week is the Last Week in DPSCD Go Green Recycling Challenge!

The last day of the Recycling Challenge is Wednesday, November 30th! Be sure to submit all your activities for points on Credly!

For the Recycle Bowl, make sure you record and submit your data by December 15th!

In order to earn two points for the Recycle Bowl, you must submit the “Weight Data Tracker” via Credly using the code: GGCRecycleBowl.

Here is the link for the Recycling Challenge Toolkit for additional information or to answer any remaining questions you may have:

Recycling Challenge


In Other News: Kettering High School Site to Become Food Business Park!


The DPS Community District has announced their plan to repurpose its former Kettering High School Site as a “world class academic center and food business park”.
“Named the Kettering Food Enterprise Center (KFEC), plans for the 27-acre site include indoor and outdoor produce production and food products created at the site to be sold and incorporated into the District’s school nutrition program, and sold to other institutional outlets and additional customers.”
There will be an informational meeting on December 13th for those interested in learning more about this amazing transformation and opportunity!
For more information:
Thank you for all that you do!
DPSCD Go Green

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