DPSCD Go Green Challenge Weekly Digest 12/12

DPSCD Go Green Challenge Leaderboard!


Here are the preliminary number of badges each school has for the DPSCD Go Green Challenge:
Sampson-Webber Academy: 15 badges
Harms: 14 badges
Academy of the Americas: 12 badges
DIA: 11 badges
John R. King: 9 badges
Emerson, Bennett: 8 badges
Dixon, Carver, Roberto Clemente, Cooke, Davison, Neinas: 6 badges
Detroit Lions Elementary/Middle: 5 badges
Munger, Priest, Mark Twain: 4 badges
 Mann, DREW, Gompers, Ann Arbor Trail,  Burton: 3 badges
Bunche, Henderson, Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy, Clippert, Carstens, Vernor, East English Village Prepatory: 2 badges
Bates, FLICS, Coleman A. Young, Fisher Magnet Upper, Mason, Ronald Brown: 1 badge
Keep up the great work!

DPSCD Go Green Recycling Challenge: All Submissions Due Friday, December 16th!


The Recycling Challenge phase of the DPSCD Go Green Challenge has ended, but it is not too late to submit your points on Credly!
Be sure to upload any forms and/or photos necessary to Credly by Friday, December 16th at midnight!

 Recycle Bowl Data Due Thursday, December 15th!

The Green Teams who participated in Keep America Beautiful’s Recycle Bowl must submit their data to the Keep America Beautiful website by this Thursday, December 15th!
For more information on the recycling data tracking and reporting:
Log into the Keep America Beautiful website to upload data here:

DPSCD Go Green Challenge High School Capstone Program Presentation Schedule!


The DPSCD Go Green Challenge High School Capstone Program presentation schedule has been finalized!
The following teams will present their projects to a panel on the corresponding date and time:
Cody Detroit Institute of Technology – Tuesday, December 13th, at 3:30 PM.
Detroit Collegiate Preparatory at Northwestern – Wednesday, December 14th, at 9:00 AM.
Renaissance High School – Monday, December 19th, at 3:30 PM.
Ben Carson High School of Science and Medicine – Tuesday, December 20th, at 12:00 PM.
West Side Academy of Information Technology and Cyber Security – Wednesday, December 21st, at 9:00 AM.
Frederick Douglass Academy for Young Men – Wednesday, December 21st, at 12:15 PM.
Martin Luther King Jr. Senior High School – Wednesday, December 21st, at 2:30 PM.
Cass Technical High School – Friday, December 23rd, at 11:15 AM.
Good luck on the presentations!!

Community Engagement Opportunity: Hold a Parent Energy Workshop!

  • Green Team students work with their AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators to help train on a part of the Parent Energy Workshop.
  • Green Team students and AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators work with your school PACSA, or another parent group to invite parents to your school for an Energy Workshop.
  • AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators facilitate a 1.5 hour Parent Energy Workshop, with the help of the Green Team. Parents who attend receive valuable energy-saving information and free energy-saving materials.
  • Green Team submits a sign in sheet, documenting that at least 10 parents were in attendance and a photo of the Green Team assisting in the workshop.

To earn this point, you must submit the sign in sheet from the Parent Energy Workshop via Credly. The sign in sheet must show that at least 10 parents were in attendance. Additionally, you must submit a photo of the Green Team assisting the AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators with the workshop.

Credly Code: GGCCommunityEnergy


Thank you for all that you do!

DPSCD Go Green

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