DPSCD Go Green Challenge Weekly Digest 1/16/17

DPSCD Go Green Challenge Leaderboard!


Here are the preliminary number of badges each school has for the DPSCD Go Green Challenge:
Sampson-Webber Academy, Westside: 19 badges
DIA: 18 badges
Harms: 15 badges
Academy of the Americas, Priest: 12 badges
Detroit Lions Academy, Dixon, Gompers: 11 badges
John R. King, Bunche: 9 badges
Emerson, Bennett, Carver, Roberto Clemente: 8 badges
Davison, Neinas, Munger, Henderson, Cooke: 6 badges
Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy, Ronald Brown, Ann Arbor Trail: 5 badges
Mark Twain, FLICS: 4 badges
Mann, DREW, Burton, Fisher-Magnet Upper: 3 badges
Clippert, Carstens, Vernor, East English Village Preparatory, Noble: 2 badges
Bates, Coleman A. Young, Mason: 1 badge
Keep up the great work!

Important Clarification About Sustainability Patrols!

The Sustainability Patrols are worth three points total in the Energy Phase of the Challenge, which breaks down to one point earned for every four patrol sheets.
A school may submit four patrol sheets at a time. It is not required that all 12 patrol sheets are submitted at once in order to earn the points.

Reduce the Juice Reminders!


To earn one point (or to have your Challenge considered within your school’s total energy savings), you must submit the following:

  • a correctly completed Reduce the Juice Calculation Worksheet
  • a completed event debrief (either the attached Discussion Questions or a paragraph outlining student reflections from the event)
  • Two (2) pictures from the event (either reading your meter, or the Reduce the Juice Challenge itself)

The Reduce the Juice activity can earn your Green Team up to four points, so you must submit the proper evidence listed above each time in order to get all four points!

Remember: to be eligible to win an energy saving award, you must complete at least two (2) Reduce the Juice Challenges at your school. The awards will be distributed based on which schools saved the most energy per square foot cumulatively for all their Challenges.

Midyear Celebration Wednesday January 25th from 5-7PM!


You and up to 10 of your students are invited to the annual DPSCD Go Green Challenge Midyear Celebration! The DPSCD Go Green Challenge Midyear Celebration is a way to celebrate and recognize all of the hard work you and your Green Teams have accomplished so far this year.

The Celebration will be held on Wednesday, January 25th from 5-7PM (location TBD) and will include fun green activities for your students, food and a short awards ceremony. You are encouraged to bring up to 10 of your Green Team students to this event. Bus transportation will be provided for any school that requests it.

To RSVP for this event, please visit our event page at:

Visit the website!

RSVPs are due by this Friday, January 13th! 

Midyear Awards!


It’s that time of year again to recognize our top Green Teams with Midyear Awards!

Any team that has earned 8 points or more by Friday, January 13th will receive $125 to use for Green Team projects. Points must be submitted on Credly by Friday, January 13th at 5pm in order to be counted for Midyear Award eligibility.

If you have any questions regarding your points, please contact Anna Balzer at anna@youthenergysquad.org or 248-228-7208

Weekly Words of Wisdom!

“The idea I am sharing is more of an experiment. Since it is the time of the season to put gardens to rest and to plant garlic; which will begin to germinate in the spring; why not try planting seeds that require longer time to grow. Plant seeds such as pumpkin and squash to experiment with them to see if they will grow the same way garlic grows.”

Keep an eye out each week for more “words of wisdom” from our DPSCD Go Green Challenge School Coordinators!



Thank you for all that you do!
DPSCD Go Green

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