DPSCD Go Green Challenge Weekly Digest 1/30/17

DPSCD Go Green Challenge Leaderboard!


Here are the preliminary number of badges each school has for the DPSCD Go Green Challenge:
Sampson-Webber Academy: 21 badges
DIA: 18 badges
Westside: 17 badges
Harms: 15 badges
Dixon: 14 badges
Academy of the Americas, Priest, Gompers: 12 badges
John R. King, Detroit Lions Academy: 11 badges
Bunche: 9 badges
Emerson:10 badges
Bennett, Carver, Roberto Clemente, Ronald Brown: 8 badges
Ann Arbor Trail: 7 badges
Davison, Neinas, Munger, Henderson, Cooke: 6 badges
Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy: 5 badges
FLICS, Fisher-Magnet, Burton: 4 badges
Mann, DREW, Mark Twain, Noble, Hutchinson: 3 badges
Clippert, Carstens, Vernor, East English Village Preparatory: 2 badges
Bates, Coleman A. Young, Mason, Carleton: 1 badge
Keep up the great work!

Midyear Celebration Recap!

pledge tree.jpg
Thank you to the Green Teams and their Coordinators for making the Midyear Celebration a huge success!
The students enjoyed making Go Green pledges to stick on our pledge tree, playing cornhole, making origami and even creating their own awards to give to their teachers!

Important Clarification About Sustainability Patrols!

The Sustainability Patrols are worth three points total in the Energy Phase of the Challenge, which breaks down to one point earned for every four patrol sheets.
A school may submit four patrol sheets at a time. It is not required that all 12 patrol sheets are submitted at once in order to earn the points.

Reduce the Juice Reminders!

To earn one point (or to have your Challenge considered within your school’s total energy savings), you must submit the following:

  • a correctly completed Reduce the Juice Calculation Worksheet
  • a completed event debrief (either the attached Discussion Questions or a paragraph outlining student reflections from the event)
  • Two (2) pictures from the event (either reading your meter, or the Reduce the Juice Challenge itself)

The Reduce the Juice activity can earn your Green Team up to four points, so you must submit the proper evidence listed above each time in order to get all four points!

Remember: to be eligible to win an energy saving award, you must complete at least two (2) Reduce the Juice Challenges at your school. The awards will be distributed based on which schools saved the most energy per square foot cumulatively for all their Challenges.


Thank you for all that you do!
DPSCD Go Green

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