DPSCD Go Green Challenge Weekly Digest 3/6/17

DPSCD Go Green Challenge Leaderboard!


Here are the preliminary number of badges/points each school has for the DPSCD Go Green Challenge:
Sampson-Webber Academy: 24 badges
DIA: 22 badges
Dixon: 20 badges
Westside: 18 badges
Academy of the Americas: 17 badges
Harms,  John R. King: 15 badges
Priest, Gompers, Maybury, Emerson: 12 badges
Detroit Lions Academy, Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy: 11 badges
Bunche, Clippert, Roberto Clemente: 9 badges
DREW, Bennett, Carver, Ronald Brown, Ann Arbor Trail, Davison: 8 badges
Neinas, Munger, Henderson, Cooke: 6 badges
Burton, Noble, Fisher-Magnet: 5 badges
FLICS, Hutchinson: 4 badges
Mann, Mark Twain, Mason: 3 badges
Carstens, Vernor, East English Village Preparatory: 2 badges
Bates, Coleman A. Young, Carleton: 1 badge
Keep up the great work!

We Need Your Feedback!

Sustainability Coordinators, administrators, volunteers and staff- your feedback is needed for the 2016-2017 DPSCD Go Green Challenge Midyear Survey! Your responses to this brief (5 minute) survey will help provide valuable feedback on Go Green Challenge programming and will help inform the remainder of the year.
Please take a few moments to complete the Midyear Survey today! The survey can be found at the following link:
If you have any additional feedback you would like to share, please email us at dps.gogreen@detroitk12.org.

DPSCD Go Green Water Challenge!


The Water Challenge will go from March 1st to March 31st!
The Water Challenge Green Team activities include:
-Water Audit: Campaign your school to save water and promote water conservation! Fill out a Water Audit worksheet and share your findings. (2 pts.)
-Community Engagement: Green Team students learn about the basics of water and share what they’ve learned with either their classmates, community members or hold a parent workshop! (1 pt.)
-Sustainability Patrols: Green Teams may conduct recycling, energy or water patrols to check for leaks, unused lights or appliances plugged in, or pick up recycling. Must submit 4 patrol sheets for one point. (1 pt.)

Innovation Activity Idea: My Green School Art Contest!

The DPSCD Go Green Challenge is excited to present an innovation opportunity point for K-5 students: the USGBC Detroit’s My Green School Art Contest! Administered by our partners at the Detroit Regional Chapter of the United States Green Building Council, this is an opportunity for our students creatively express their work and potentially earn regional recognition!

Contest Guidelines:

  • Students will create a picture that shows how their school is green or how it could be more green.
  • Any medium can be used: paint, crayons, pencil, collage, photos, stencil etc.
  • We encourage the use of recycled paper!!
  • Paper or cardstock up to 12×18 inches
  • No glitter and no trademark or copyright images
  • Do not include matting or framing with submission

Judging Criteria:

  • Concept: Does it communicate a green theme or message?
  • Creativity: Is the art original and unique?
  • Quality: Is there effective use of materials?

For more information, download the DPSCD Go Green Challenge Water Toolkit; the My Green School Art Contest flyer is included at the end!

Submissions are due by March 31st 2017 11:59 PM!!!

Direct mail or can be submitted online.

Credly code: GGCInnovation



Thank you for all that you do!
DPSCD Go Green

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