DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools 3/29/17

The Green Team at Sampson-Webber Academy Jeopardizes Their Water Lesson!


The Green Team at Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy played jeopardy to test their water knowledge!
The team, led by School Coordinator Ms. Lashon Clay, submerged themselves in the game and enjoyed a little healthy competition as well!
Keep up the enthusiasm Sampson-Webber!

The Green Team at Noble Gets Creative!


The Green Team at Noble Elementary School, worked on their submissions for the My Green Schools Art Contest!
The class, along with School Coordinator Ms. Connie Klein, drew pictures to show how their school has gone green or could be more green in the future!
Great job Noble!!!

The Green Team at Douglass Academy for Young Men Completes Their Bench!


The Green Team at FDA completed construction on their bench for the bus stop near the school!
With the help of  Sit On It Detroit and School Coordinator Ms. Mala Mirchandani, the students built their double-sided bench and are going to customize it with their own designs using recycled materials from Arts & Scraps!
Keep up the good work FDA!!

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