DPSCD Earth Week Starts Monday, April 24th!


Join us in celebrating DPSCD Earth Week 2017!

Earth Week/Green Week is an annual DPSCD Go Green Challenge celebration of all of the hard work you and your Green Teams have done to make your school, homes and communities more sustainable. We hope you will join in several Earth Week activities from April 24th-April 28th 2017.
We also hope that you will share your activities, photos and stories with us so that we can highlight them over the course of the week. Please email any stories or photos to dps.gogreen@detroitk12.org. You can also fill out this survey to share what your plans are ahead of time.
Below are some samples of suggested activities you and your school can do during Earth Week to celebrate going green. Feel free to modify any activity to fit your classroom or to come up with your own activities altogether! If you are a part of the Go Green Challenge, completing any activity will earn you 1 Innovation Point! For the full calendar of activities, please click the link below!

Monday- Nutrition

Kick off Earth Week with the right fuel- a nutritious, colorful meal and a Carrot Crunch! The suggested activities for Monday include the Rainbow Plates activity, an all-school Carrot Crunch! and a map of the Fresh Wagon Route to take home. Throughout the week, the Office of School Nutrition will be providing a fresh food in every DPSCD cafeteria that corresponds to the color of each day (see the Earth Week calendar for each day’s color). Monday’s color is orange! Perfect for a Carrot Crunch! For more information on Nutrition, click the link below!

Tuesday- Water


Day 2 of Earth Week focuses on an incredibly important resource- water! The suggested activities for Tuesday include a Water Filtration Experiment, a whole school Water Audit and an easy water audit your students can do at home! If your school finds any leaks during your Water Audit, be sure to report them to dps.gogreen@detroitk12.org!

If your school is a part of the Garden Resource Program, don’t forget about the Teacher PD on Tuesday 4/25 from 4:30-8 at Randolph CTC for crop distribution!

Wednesday- Gardening


On day 3 of Earth Week, it’s time to get growing! The suggested activities for Wednesday, Gardening day, include the Detroit School Garden Collaborative Do Now’s, planting in your school garden or starting a classroom garden, and encouraging students to identify a community garden near their home! If your school is a part of the Detroit School Garden Collaborative, be sure to work with your lead teacher to plan and plant your school’s raised bed gardens. Crops will be distributed the evening before Gardening day!

Thursday- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Celebrate the 3 R’s on day 4 of Earth Week! The suggested activities for Thursday, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Day, include Bee Green’s Do Now’s from Green Living Science, hosting a school-wide cleanup and helping your students get a recycling bin at home by taking a quick online quiz! If you have any questions about free recycling bins, contact Green Living Science at info@greenlivingscience.org.

Friday- Energy


Before you head home for the weekend, celebrate the final day of Earth Week by saving some energy! The suggested activities for Friday, Energy Day, include a school energy patrol, a whole school Power Down and a fun Home Energy Audit for your students to share with their families!

For more information on saving energy at home, set up a Parent Energy Workshop by contacting dps.gogreen@detroitk12.org.

Don’t Forget!

Drew Farms Photo

You can celebrate Earth Day itself with DPSCD at Drew Farms tomorrow, Saturday April 22nd from 10am-2pm at Drew Transition Center, 9600 Wyoming, Detroit MI 48204.

The event is FREE and will include bike repairs, farm animals, smoothie demonstrations and more!




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