DPSCD Go Green Challenge Weekly Digest 5/1/17

DPSCD Go Green Challenge Leaderboard!


Here are the preliminary number of badges/points each school has for the DPSCD Go Green Challenge:
Academy of the Americas: 32 badges
DIA: 28 badges
Sampson-Webber Academy, Westside Academy: 27 badges
Dixon: 24 badges
Gompers: 21 badges
John R. King: 19 badges
Maybury: 18 badges
Emerson: 15 badges
Priest: 12 badges
Detroit Lions Academy, Paul Robeson Malcolm X Academy, Davison: 11 badges
Bennett: 10 badges
Bunche, Clippert, Roberto Clemente, DREW, Carver: 9 badges
Ronald Brown, Ann Arbor Trail, Fisher-Magnet, Noble, Hutchinson, Burton: 8 badges
Neinas, Munger, Henderson, Cooke: 6 badges
FLICS, Mason: 5 badges
Mann, Mark Twain, Carstens, Carleton: 3 badges
Vernor, East English Village Preparatory: 2 badges
Bates, Coleman A. Young: 1 badge
Keep up the great work!

The DPSCD Go Green Challenge Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week!


Teacher Appreciation Week is May 1st-May 5th, and the DPSCD Go Green Challenge wants to recognize the incredible DPSCD Go Green Challenge Sustainability Coordinators who go above and beyond for their students and their Green Teams!
The DPSCD Go Green Challenge blog is launching a series of “Teacher Spotlights,” which will highlight individual Sustainability Coordinators and their stories!
Read about our first Sustainability Coordinator to be featured below and be sure to email dps.gogreen@detroitk12.org to nominate teachers that you would like to see recognized on the blog!

The DPSCD Go Green Challenge Gardens and Nutrition Toolkit Breakdown!

Stage 5: Gardens and Nutrition Challenge Projects include:
  • Plan and Plant Your Garden (2 pts.)  Green Teams will plan and plant their own gardens at the school or in the community and document their progress!

    Evidence:  In order to earn two points for the Plan and Plant Your Garden activities, you must submit your three (3) garden bed plans AND a photo of your planted garden. Credly Code: GGCPlant

  • Rainbow Plates (1 pt.) Over the course of a week, students will keep track of all the healthy, colorful foods they eat. The goal is to get as many students at the school involved as possible in order to start the discussion on healthy eating!

    Evidence: In order to earn one point for the Rainbow Plates activity, you must submit the Rainbow Plates Questionnaire and 2 photos of your school participating in the activity to Credly. Credly Code: GGCRainbow

  • Sustainability Patrols (2 pts.) Students can conduct Sustainability Patrols for recycling, electricity or water for this phase!

    Evidence: In order to earn two points for patrols, you must submit 8 patrol sheets total. Credly Code: GGCPatrols

    Innovation opportunities include a Power Down for Spring Break, a field trip to DREW Farms, hosting a Parent Recycling Workshop, and for participating in Celebrate Earth Day and Green Week.

Download the full Gardens and Nutrition Toolkit here!

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