DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/2/18


East English Village Preparatory Academy is Serious About Sustainability and Our Green Patrols!
Our Go Green team covered the whole campus, speaking to teachers, counselors, administrators, custodians, kitchen workers and other staff members expressing the importance of powering down for the holidays.They passed out fliers to a willing staff, that described the importance of turning off or unplugging computers, printers, microwave ovens, lights and other technology. They explained how much energy we could save by banding together as an entire campus with the same goal in mind.  We also included our the teacher of the year, Sergeant Rosario who joined in on the fun!

Thank you to EEVPA Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Kimberly Stevenson for your submission!


Sampson Turns Trash into Art
Students at Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy, noticing a lot of misplaced recyclables around their school, chose to up-cycle it into art. Above, students paint the inside of water bottles that will become part of a sculpture. The Tier 3 capstone project, called “Beautify Sampson” combines students’ awesome recycling record with their creative talents. The Green Team is led by Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Clay.


“Supreme Green” Pledges Sustainability
The Green Team at Neinas Elementary, nicknamed “Supreme Green” takes a Pledge of Sustainability with Americorps Green School Coordinator Erada Oleita. After pledging to work diligently and sustainable to help their community, students earned a button with their class logo on it. Mrs. Lazarowicz serves as the Sustainability Coordinator at Neinas.



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