DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/16/18

Captain AmeriCorps to the Rescue!

In the spirit of AmeriCorps week, students from Cody DIT served up a smile and Get Well Soon card to one of their coordinators whose computer crashed this week. The team, led by Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Borachi, took a break from Hope Park work to cheer her up. Captain AmeriCorps even made a surprise appearance!


Cass Tech Creates Eco-Carepackages
The all-girls Green Team from Cass Tech presented their project that aims to help those experiencing homeless at the Tier 3 Summit this Tuesday. The team, under supervision from Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Cunningham, made a prototype of a care kit that included a sustainable toothbrush, environmentally-friendly soap and re-usable utensils.

Davison Preps for Energy Fair

Students at Davison work on Energy Bingo sheets for their upcoming Energy Fair. The Fair will feature games,information, and activities about what the students have been learning on Green Team. The Sustainability Coordinator at Davison is Ms. Wilson.


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