DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/29/18

Clippert Gets Collaborative

The Clippert Gucci Green Smurfs spent a morning this week doing a collaborative planning activity to hammer out the logistics of their rainwater-testing project. The team, led by Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Ortiz, used the findings of the activity to articulate how they would use Green Team funds to make an impact on plant health in their gardens. 

Pitches & Permission for Mann Clothing Swap
Eternity, a 4th grader from Mann Elementary, explains the Green Team’s Clothes Swap project to their principal, Ms. Tait, in order to get permission to hold the event. The Green Team also said goodbye to Destiny, an integral member of the team, whose last day at Mann is today. The Sustainability Coordinator at Mann is Ms. Byrd. 

Hope Park Begins to Blossom

This week the Cody DIT Green Team had their second workshop with the Detroit contracting firm AGI. The team is collaborating with AGI to develop the design of Hope Park, a community space the group is focusing on for their Tier 3 project. Here, students and adult leaders can be seen examining urban planning maps as one of the stations at a workshop to learn about project stakeholders. 
Keep up the great work, Green Teams!

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