DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/22/19

King Green Team
The King Green Team Spreads the Word about Recycling!
This week at Parent Teacher conferences, the team at King High School set up a table to sign families up to join a recycling program! They managed to help fourteen families sign up and continue to work on bettering their school and community! The Sustainability Coordinator at King High School is Ms. Jennifer Boyle.
Renaissance Green Team REtreat
Students from Renaissance Take on the Great Outdoors
The Green Team students from Renaissance joined the AP Biology class this past weekend to participate in a field ecology retreat experience at the Wildwood Ranch camp. The students learned how to identify a number of native tree species, sampled and calculated soil and water quality, and the Green Team lead a session to teach the AP biology class about the connections between the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect, and impacts of climate change. The Sustainability Coordinator at Renaissance is Ms. Kerry Williams.
The Clark Green Team Creates a Water PSA

This week, the Green Team at J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy created posters to raise awareness on the amount of water they use at their school and at home. These students are on a Tier One team and have spent the last few months taking a deep dive into issues on water consumption and our water culture here in Michigan. Here, the students are showing off their creations before they get hung around the school. Thee Sustainability Coordinator at Clark is Ms. Susan Morandy.

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