DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 4/12/19

NFTS JM 4.12.19
Maybury Elementary’s Green Team Fills their Plates! 

This week, the Green Team at Maybury Elementary colored plates to represent the main food groups for daily nutrition recommendations. Students will use the plate to guidetheir nutritional choices around vegetables, fruit, grains, protein, and dairy. Students will continue to learn about nutrition and gardening for the next few weeks! TheSustainability Coordinator at Maybury is Bruna Guerra-Lawton

NFTS JL 4.11.19

Cody Prepares for a Volunteering Event with University of Michigan Students!

The team at Cody High School is gearing up for a volunteer event they’re hosting this Saturday with College students from U of M to work on Hope Park. In this photo, Cody students can be seen standing on top of the playing mounds they built that will be planted with grass during the event. All of this work is being done to prep for the busy summer ahead of the team. The Sustainability Coordinator at Cody is Ms. Chelsea Owens.

Keep up the great work, Green Teams!
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