DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 5/10/19

CMA Conducts a Climate Resiliency Assessment in their Neighborhood

Last Friday, the green team students from CMA stayed late after school to conduct a climate resiliency assessment in the surrounding neighborhood. Students split into small groups to get closer looks at the houses, churches, stores, and other buildings in the community to see how they would be affected by the local impacts of climate change. These students are participating in the NOAA Climate Resiliency from the Youth Up program and their green school coordinator is Ms. Martin.


Cass Tech Spends a Day on the River

The Green Team from Cass Tech had the opportunity to go on a field trip with the Great Lakes Education Program (GLEP) and learn hands-on about great lakes ecology this past week! The trip included an on-land exploration into the coastal cattail marsh ecosystem as well as a boat trip to learn about water quality and the aquatic ecosystem of the Detroit river. Highlights from the day included using an underwater camera to examine the river bed, and getting the chance to learn about and touch a live Eastern Fox Snake! The Sustainability Coordinator for Cass Tech is Ms. Cunningham.

The Harms Green Team Promotes Conserving Energy!

Over the last few weeks, the Harms Elementary Green Team has been collecting information about how they use energy in their classroom and the environmental impact of using more than you need. To finish out the energy unit, students came together in small groups to design and create posters that promote lowering energy usage throughout the school. The Sustainability Coordinator at Harms is Ms. Waldron.

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