DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 1/11/19

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Hutchinson Students Create a Neighborhood of Eco-Friendly Gingerbread Homes
Right before winter break, the Green Team at Hutchinson practiced designing energy efficient buildings by constructing ‘Efficient Gingerbread Houses.’ The students have been learning about energy sources and the impacts of climate change, so many opted to power their homes using solar, wind, or hydropower instead of gas or coal. The Sustainability Coordinator at Hutchinson is Ms. Penelope Johnson.

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The West Side Academy Starts their Hydroponic Journey
The Green Team at the West Side Academy of Information, Technology, and Cyber Security has been working on getting a hydroponic system started. Students will grow an indoor garden to demonstrate alternative ways to produce veggies as opposed to relying on traditional farming methods. The Sustainability Coordinator at West Side is Arzell Jones.
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Cass Tech High School Students Explore the Science Behind Climate Change
In the team’s last meeting groups designed activities that could be used to teach others about the greenhouse effect and how it works. A student in this photo is describing to the class how their activity works to his peers. Cass Tech is participating in the NOAA Climate Change Resilience Grant program and the Sustainability Coordinator is Jane Cunningham.
Keep up the great work, Green Teams!

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 12/21/18

NFTS 12.21
The Green Team at Renaissance Celebrates Two Birthdays!
This week, students at Renaissance celebrated the birthdays of two team members. This Green Team is participating in a Climate Change  Resilience program funded by a NOAA grant and has been spending the year talking about how communities in Detroit can prepare themselves and better understand our changing Earth. The Sustainability Coordinator at Renaissance High School is Kerry Williams.
Pulaski Third Graders Create their Own ‘Friends of the Earth’
The Green Team at Pulaski Elementary School were visited by Arts & Scraps to learn how to use recycled materials and get some awesome results! Many of the students created penguins  and all of them visited the ‘Scrapmobile’ to pick out a full bag of materials to bring home so they can keep creating. The Sustainability Coordinator at Pulaski is Courtney Valentine.
Students at Cooke Elementary Spread the Word about Recycling
The Green Team at Cooke Elementary is taking the initiative to start a school-wide recycling program. Students created posters to place around the school and remind their schoolmates what can and can not be recycled. The Sustainability Coordinator at Cooke is Angela Perrini.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 12/14/18

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John R. King Students Craft their own Ecosystem
The Green Team at John R. King used recycled materials from Arts & Scraps to make a model of the food chain. Students crafted lots of different kinds of fish and worked together to piece together an ecosystem. The sustainability coordinator at John R. King is Charlie Daniels.
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Mann Elementary Students Check Out their Community
The Green Team at Mann Elementary went on a walkabout around their school to evaluate their schools place in its community. Students are encouraged to analyze their community’s strengths and weaknesses as they consider what local issue that they want to address in their project. Danita Byrd is the Sustainability Coordinator at Mann.

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CMA Students Learn about Human Behavior and the Changing Planet
The green team at the Communication and Media Arts HighSchool are learning about the earth systems and human behaviors that drive climate change, as well as what types of impacts Detroiters will experience due to climate change. In this photo students are doing an activity where they physically represent green house gasses in the atmosphere as well as energy from the sun reflecting off the earth and back into space. This visually showed how much when more energy is trapped as more gasses are added. The Sustainability Coordinator at CMA is Marlis Martin.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 12/7/18

Keidan’s “Green Warriors” Meet Bee Green
Keidan Special Education Center received a visit from Bee Green this Wednesday to talk about the three R’s and how they can recycle in their everyday life! Bee Green visits from Green Living Science and has been making their rounds through DPSCD to promote recycling initiatives in all of the schools. Keidan’s green team is participating in the Recycle Bowl and has been doing a great job with getting the school on board! The Sustainability Coordinators at Keidan are Lori Cools and Tanya Thomann.
The Hope Park Team Makes Plans for a Water Catchment System
The Hope Park Team at Cody High School is already planning ahead for the warmer months when they can start building out in the park again. This is a sketch for a pavilion they’re planning on building that will include a rain barrel to water their bioswale and maybe even solar panels for students to charge their phones! The Sustainability Coordinator at Cody is Chelsea Owens.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 11/30/18


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DIY Recycling at Cooke STEM Elementary
Last week, the Green Team at Cooke STEM Elementary turned paper scraps from their class recycling bin into new paper. They later used the paper to make holiday cards for their families. Students added glitter and herbs to their paper to make it extra special! The Sustainability Coordinator is Angela Perrini.
NFTS 11.29.18
Cass Tech Students Explain their Views of Detroit
The Green Team at Cass Tech High School brainstormed and captured their perceptions, feelings, and experiences of Detroit. They will be building on these ideas in the coming weeks by discussing issues of environmental justice in the city, and then exploring how the impacts of climate change will affect these issues in their local communities. The Sustainability Coordinator at Cass Tech is Jane Cunningham.

NFTS 11.29 Green Bee

Students at John R. King Meet and Greet Bee Green

Bee Green from Green Living Science visited John R. King this week for the school’s annual recycling assembly. The Green Team took a group photo with Bee after being reminded to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Ms. C. Smith is the Sustainability Coordinator at John R. King and she teaches the second grade. 


DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 11/16/1



Congratulations Deatrianna!
Recently Deatrianna Hawkins of Cody High School received the Youth Spirit of Community Award at the Annual Detroit Community Development Awards Ceremony for all of the great work she’s done with the Hope Park team. She has an amazing ability to bring people together and we’re so excited to see all of the great things she’ll continue to do. The Green Team at Cody High School has consistently gone above and beyond to create a neighborhood green space for their community and Deatrianna has been an integral part of that.
CMA news from schools

CMA Students Create Posters Showing Their Pride for the City

Students at the Communications and Media Arts High School recently posted art around their school that displayed their respect for Detroit and desire to keep it clean. The Sustainability Coordinator at CMA is Marlis Martin.


Golightly Students Start a Classroom Recycling Program

The Green Team at Golightly Elementary and Middle School recently decorated recycling bins in their classroom so they can reduce the amount of waste they send to the incinerator across the street. The kindergartners spent the afternoon making labels for the bins so they can properly sort the items and practice avoiding recycling contamination. The Green Team coordinator at Golightly is Dana Thomas.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 11/9/18


Pulaski Third Graders Race to Recycle
The Green Team at Pulaski (a.k.a the Super Green Money Squad Helpers) learned about sorting recycling this week by working together in a relay race. Students were given a variety of objects and asked to decide if they were recyclable, reusable, or landfill waste. This was followed by a short conversation on recycling contamination and how to avoid it. The Sustainability Coordinator at Pulaski is Courtney Valentine. 
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Davison Students Present their Plans to Make Societal Change
The Green Team at Davison Middle School participated in an activity allowing them to use their voices as a platform to talk about social issues. Students were asked to act as if they had the power to change any part of society, and then were given 3-5 minutes to explain how they would go about changing the problem they identified. This activity lead up to productive discussions on recycling as they geared up to start a recycling program at the school. The Sustainability Coordinator at Davison is Georgette Johnson.
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Students at Mann Discuss Water Access in Detroit
Fifth grader Kamari Burns leads his classmates in a discussion about local water justice at Mann Elementary. The Sustainability Coordinator at Mann is Danita Byrd.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 11/2/18


The Hope Park Team from Cody Celebrates Halloween!

Students from Cody High School organized a Halloween event for the surrounding neighborhood to celebrate the spookiest night of the year! The event featured lots of candy, photos, face painting, and checking out all of the progress the Hope Park team has made! 

Osborn Cabbage
Osborn Students Enjoy an After School Snack
The Green Team at Osborn High School spent time in their school garden this past Tuesday cleaning the beds up to get ready for the winter. Students ended up harvesting broccoli, mustard greens, kale, and cabbage! The cabbage was definitely a crowd favorite. 
The Sustainability Coordinator at Osborn is Sam Shields.

Keep up the great work, Green Teams!

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools 10/26/18

Renaissance Brainstorms Necessities for Survival

The Green Team at Renaissance High school has spent the last two weeks exploring what they need to survive, and the accessibility and quality of those things in the context of Detroit. In this photo students are seen filling out a poster aligning problems of accessibility to specific resources needed for survival. Renaissance is participating in the NOAA climate resilience grant project this year and their sustainability coordinator is Kerry Williams.


Golightly Kindergartners Draw their Perfect Neighborhood 

Golightly’s Green Team is incredibly excited to start learning about what it means to be a healthy and sustainable community! Students will continue to learn about what “green” means to them before taking a dive into recycling efforts at the school. The Sustainability Coordinator at Golightly is Dana Thomas. 

Keep up the great work, Green Teams!

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 05/25/18


Carver Garden Ready to Bloom

Santiago from Carver STEM photobombs his fellow Green Teammates as they clean up raised beds in their garden. Next week, they’ll finish prepping the beds and pick up transplants! The Sustainability Coordinator at Carver is Ms. Chudy. 


Cass Knits Community
Over the past few weeks, Green Team members from Cass Technical High School have been making Plarn! Plarn is “yarn” made from plastic grocery bags; the team will knit Plarn totebags to use for hygiene kits for those experiencing homelessness. The Sustainability Coordinator at Cass is Ms. Cunningham. 

Clippert Reflects on A Year of Green Team  
At the close of a year full of Green Team activities, students from Clippert took the hour to reflect on their accomplishments. They were challenged to arrange strips with Green Team milestones in correct chronological order, and discussed how some events influenced future plans. The Sustainability Coordinator at Clippert is Ms. Ortiz.