DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 5/10/19

CMA Conducts a Climate Resiliency Assessment in their Neighborhood

Last Friday, the green team students from CMA stayed late after school to conduct a climate resiliency assessment in the surrounding neighborhood. Students split into small groups to get closer looks at the houses, churches, stores, and other buildings in the community to see how they would be affected by the local impacts of climate change. These students are participating in the NOAA Climate Resiliency from the Youth Up program and their green school coordinator is Ms. Martin.


Cass Tech Spends a Day on the River

The Green Team from Cass Tech had the opportunity to go on a field trip with the Great Lakes Education Program (GLEP) and learn hands-on about great lakes ecology this past week! The trip included an on-land exploration into the coastal cattail marsh ecosystem as well as a boat trip to learn about water quality and the aquatic ecosystem of the Detroit river. Highlights from the day included using an underwater camera to examine the river bed, and getting the chance to learn about and touch a live Eastern Fox Snake! The Sustainability Coordinator for Cass Tech is Ms. Cunningham.

The Harms Green Team Promotes Conserving Energy!

Over the last few weeks, the Harms Elementary Green Team has been collecting information about how they use energy in their classroom and the environmental impact of using more than you need. To finish out the energy unit, students came together in small groups to design and create posters that promote lowering energy usage throughout the school. The Sustainability Coordinator at Harms is Ms. Waldron.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 4/12/19

NFTS JM 4.12.19
Maybury Elementary’s Green Team Fills their Plates! 

This week, the Green Team at Maybury Elementary colored plates to represent the main food groups for daily nutrition recommendations. Students will use the plate to guidetheir nutritional choices around vegetables, fruit, grains, protein, and dairy. Students will continue to learn about nutrition and gardening for the next few weeks! TheSustainability Coordinator at Maybury is Bruna Guerra-Lawton

NFTS JL 4.11.19

Cody Prepares for a Volunteering Event with University of Michigan Students!

The team at Cody High School is gearing up for a volunteer event they’re hosting this Saturday with College students from U of M to work on Hope Park. In this photo, Cody students can be seen standing on top of the playing mounds they built that will be planted with grass during the event. All of this work is being done to prep for the busy summer ahead of the team. The Sustainability Coordinator at Cody is Ms. Chelsea Owens.

Keep up the great work, Green Teams!
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DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/28/19

Cooke Gets Ready to Sprout in the Spring!
This week, the Green Team at Cooke STEM academy began their process to grow radishes in the classroom. Here the students are spraying hydrogen peroxide into a paper towel to prepare the seeds for sprouting. This is part of the Gardens, Food, and Nutrition unit and we’re looking forward to seeing the radish harvest at the end of the Spring! The Sustainability Coordinator at Cooke is Ms. Angela Perrini.



Drew Students Immerse Themselves in Upcycling Projects
The Green Team at Drew Transitional Center has gone above and beyond with their efforts to keep as much waste as possible out of the landfills. ‘d like to profile the “cart” of breakfast containers, juice containers, etc. that one group washes/cleans so we can add that to our recycling pile and these items don’t end up in a landfill. This project was taken on by Melzitta Davis’s students in room 19 are integral to this project, as the students wash all of the breakfast containers, juice containers, and much more so there are materials ready to recycle and upcycle. Additionally, you can see the “mat” for the homeless that we are weaving out of “plarn” as well. The others show a variety of uses with plarn, the “morning” breakfast bags can’t be recycled, so students are cutting them, making mosaics, creating colorful containers to give to staff, and much more! Our goal is to make a “wall” of posters with the all of the individual mosaics to display. The Sustainability Coordinator at Drew is Mr. Jay Greenberg.
*NOTE: Drew is still running a Crayola marker recycling program! Please notify your Green School Coordinator if you’d like to participate in this awesome effort!*
Davidson Students Research Lead and Its Impact on the Human Body

Students at Davidson Elementary learned about the effects lead has on children. The Green Team is currently working through the water unit and their research will be important for their understanding of how water sources become contaminated. The Sustainability Coordinator at Davidson is Ms. Maclin.



Hutchinson Green Team 

Students Of Hutchinson Middle School are creating their own PSA’s to express the importance of renewable energy and recycling! Here, the students are creating posters and looking for sound effects and music to put together a full campaign on how to make their school and community greener. The Sustainability Coordinator at Hutchinson is Ms. Johnson.


DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/22/19

King Green Team
The King Green Team Spreads the Word about Recycling!
This week at Parent Teacher conferences, the team at King High School set up a table to sign families up to join a recycling program! They managed to help fourteen families sign up and continue to work on bettering their school and community! The Sustainability Coordinator at King High School is Ms. Jennifer Boyle.
Renaissance Green Team REtreat
Students from Renaissance Take on the Great Outdoors
The Green Team students from Renaissance joined the AP Biology class this past weekend to participate in a field ecology retreat experience at the Wildwood Ranch camp. The students learned how to identify a number of native tree species, sampled and calculated soil and water quality, and the Green Team lead a session to teach the AP biology class about the connections between the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect, and impacts of climate change. The Sustainability Coordinator at Renaissance is Ms. Kerry Williams.
The Clark Green Team Creates a Water PSA

This week, the Green Team at J.E. Clark Preparatory Academy created posters to raise awareness on the amount of water they use at their school and at home. These students are on a Tier One team and have spent the last few months taking a deep dive into issues on water consumption and our water culture here in Michigan. Here, the students are showing off their creations before they get hung around the school. Thee Sustainability Coordinator at Clark is Ms. Susan Morandy.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/8/19

Thanks for a Successful Tier 3 Summit!
This Wednesday, the Tier 3 Green Teams came together at The Detroit School of Arts to prototype and fine tune the projects they’ve been working on this year. Students from eleven schools spent the day building models, sharing ideas, and heard from a panel of experts for updates with the DPSCD drinking water. Thank you to all of the students and Sustainability Coordinators that made this awesome day possible!
The Green Team at Munger Starts a Recycling Campaign 
The students at Munger Middle School are kickstarting a campaign to encourage recycling in their school for the betterment of the community and the world. The team worked hard and created posters as an outreach tool to educate their peers on the importance of recycling and the proper way to do it. The Sustainability Coordinator at Munger is Ms. Shangaleza Robinson.
Golightly Students Compete to Prove their Energy Expertise

This week, the Green Team at Golightly split into two teams to test their knowledge on renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy. Students were given clues on different sources and scored points if they were the first person to identify the correct answer! The kindergartners will continue learning about energy over the next couple of weeks while they begin brainstorming ways to save energy at school and in their homes. The Sustainability Coordinator at Golightly is Ms. Dana Thomas.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/1/19

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 9.41.07 AM.png
John R. King Students Celebrate Black Excellence
This week the Green Team at John R. King wrapped up Black History Month with a visit from DaChana Blaydes to speak about possible career paths and challenge the students to stay motivated to reach their goals. DaChana is a published writer, mentor, banking specialist, and an award winning speaker. This visit was part of a program called 28 Days of Black Excellence where local Detroit entrepreneurs visited classrooms throughout DPSCD. The Sustainability Coordinator at John R. King is Mrs. Brown.
FLICS Students Evaluate their Tier 3 Project Options
The Green Team at the Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School spent their meeting time narrowing down project ideas using a criteria based decision making chart. After scoring took place, the process identified that focusing on recycling and school cleanliness will be the best way to address the issues they see in the halls and classrooms. Next, the team is working on administering surveys to their peers to see how their project can best serve them! The Sustainability Coordinator at FLICS is Ms. Leanne Peebles.
The Hope Park Team Learns about the Detroit Windmill Project

Students at Cody in the Hope Park team are developing a partnership and plans with Carlos Nielbock, creator of the Detroit Windmill project, so build and install a wind turbine made from recycled materials at Hope Park, a space reclamation project students have been working across the street from Cody for the last three years. In this photo students and their coordinator are seen with a previous coordinator of the Go Green program, Shannon Haupt, who is now working with Carlos on the windmill program. The team attended a community workshop session this week at Eastern Market where they got to see one of the windmills up close, learn more about Carlos and his work, and provide feedback and ideas for how a windmill would be used in their park to support the community.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 2/15/19


The Schulze Green Team Dives into Energy Research
This week the 6th graders from Schulze Elementary-Middle compared their research notes on clean energy and climate change. The students are currently on their energy unit and are working to gain a better understanding of energy sources and their effect on the world around us. The Sustainability Coordinator at Schulze is Ms. Kim Bonk.
Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 2.25.53 PM
The Charles R. Drew Transitional Center 
Students at the Drew Transitional Center made their way around the school to conduct a recycling patrol.  The Green Team here services the entire school every Friday morning and has collected hundreds of pounds of recyclable materials over the year. The Sustainability Coordinator at Drew is Jay Greenberg.
NFTS 2.15.19 - Jordan Larson.JPG
Cass Tech Takes a Trip to Ann Arbor 

The students of Cass Tech went on a field trip to U of M’s School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) to learn about career pathways within sustainability and speak with researchers and scientists working on a range of topics from environmental justice to climatology. The Sustainability Coordinator is Ms. Jane Cunningham.

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 2.02.51 PM.png

John R. King takes a Community Inventory
This week the students at John R. King completed their community walkabout. On their walk, the students noticed a build up of trash in front of the school and they’re looking forward to starting a project to clean up their school grounds and create a more positive environment for all of the other students. The Sustainability Coordinator at John R. King is Ms. Brown.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 2/8/19

NFTS 2.8.19 Pulaski.jpg

The Pulaski Green Team Mines for Chocolate Chip Coal

The Green Team members at Pulaski were excited to explore the difference between renewable energy sources and non-renewable energy sources by “mining for coal” using chocolate chip cookies and toothpicks! Afterwards, students discussed how mining for coal affects the land and the habitats that exist there. The Sustainability Coordinator at Pulaski is Ms. Valentine. 

NFTS 2.8.19 Briana

Maybury Students ‘Power Up’ Using Unexpected Materials

This week at Maybury Elementary School the green team used a lemon to create a battery so students can learn about electrochemical energy. In the energy unit, green teams are working on gaining a better understanding on alternative sources of energy. This lesson was a way to show how we can find and use energy in surprising places! The Sustainability Coordinator at Maybury Elementary School is Ms. Guerra-Lawton.

NFTS 2.8.19 Wind Sophia

Cooke STEM Academy Students Create Their Own Wind Turbines

This week at Cooke Stem Academy the green team made wind turbines to learn about renewable sources of energy. Students used note cards and cotton swabs to create mini windmills that demonstrated how wind energy is caught and then converted into usable energy. The Sustainability Coordinator at Cooke is Ms. Perrini. 

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 1/25/19


Drew Transition Center Students Lead the Way to Turn Markers into Energy
The Green Team at Charles H. Drew Transition center are collecting markers for Crayola’s ColorCycle recycling program! The markers are diverted from landfills and used to create diesel and other fuels in addition to wax compounds for asphalt and roofing shingles. If you would like to recycle your own used markers, let your coordinator know and they’ll take them off your hands! The Sustainability Coordinator at Drew is Jay Greenberg.


The “Green Get Money” Team Powers into the New Energy Unit
The Green Team at Golightly started their energy unit last week and spent the day exploring the ways we come in contact with different energy sources everyday. Here, students are comparing the differences in how flashlights and string lights are powered. The Sustainability Coordinator at Golightly is Dana Thomas.


The Youth Energy Squad Celebrates MLK Day with Detroit Youth

This Monday, we joined great artists, vendors, and organizations from all over Detroit at the Charles H. Wright African American History Museum to celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. The Green School Coordinators spent the day painting faces, leading games of Jeopardy, crafting, and sharing dreams with community members.