DPSCD Go Green Challenge Tier 3 Summit

The DPSCD Go Green Challenge Tier 3 Summit was held on Tuesday, March 13th at Detroit Collegiate Preparatory Academy at Northwestern High School. Ten DPSCD Green Teams from across the District attended the event where they prototyped their Tier 3 Project ideas, received feedback on their plans from other teams, and had a chance to network with their peers. Photos from the event are below. Thanks to all who made this event possible!


DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 3/2/18


East English Village Preparatory Academy is Serious About Sustainability and Our Green Patrols!
Our Go Green team covered the whole campus, speaking to teachers, counselors, administrators, custodians, kitchen workers and other staff members expressing the importance of powering down for the holidays.They passed out fliers to a willing staff, that described the importance of turning off or unplugging computers, printers, microwave ovens, lights and other technology. They explained how much energy we could save by banding together as an entire campus with the same goal in mind.  We also included our the teacher of the year, Sergeant Rosario who joined in on the fun!

Thank you to EEVPA Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Kimberly Stevenson for your submission!


Sampson Turns Trash into Art
Students at Sampson-Webber Leadership Academy, noticing a lot of misplaced recyclables around their school, chose to up-cycle it into art. Above, students paint the inside of water bottles that will become part of a sculpture. The Tier 3 capstone project, called “Beautify Sampson” combines students’ awesome recycling record with their creative talents. The Green Team is led by Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Clay.


“Supreme Green” Pledges Sustainability
The Green Team at Neinas Elementary, nicknamed “Supreme Green” takes a Pledge of Sustainability with Americorps Green School Coordinator Erada Oleita. After pledging to work diligently and sustainable to help their community, students earned a button with their class logo on it. Mrs. Lazarowicz serves as the Sustainability Coordinator at Neinas.


DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 2/2/18


Where Watts Count 
 The Green Team at Burton International Academy plans an Energy unit project with AmeriCorps Green Schools coordinator Tyeisha Hodges to reduce energy use at school. Students surveyed classrooms’ Watt usage, and are using the outcomes as key metrics to decide on an Energy unit project. The Sustainability Coordinator at Burton is Ms. Kings.

Collaboration & Conservation at Clemente
 Students at Roberto Clemente collaborate on posters encouraging energy savings around school. The students decided that making posters, writing a pledge and holding an assembly for students would be the center of their energy conservation project.  The Sustainability Coordinator at Roberto Clemente is Ms. Argy.

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 1/26/18


Planting a Partnership

BuildOn students and Green Team students re-potted plants they’ve been growing at Osborn High School. Sustainability Coordinator Mrs. Smith has worked with both BuildOn and Green Schools Coordinators to keep it full of lively plants like broccoli, spinach and marigold!

Lessons from the Garden


Before the Winter Break, Ms. Powell’s 5th grade Green Team at Carstens winterized the garden and learn about perennial plants – and found lots of wormy friends in the process!

Women of DIA Take Walkabout

Ms. Valentine’s class took an observational tour of the inside of the Detroit International Academy for Young Women, where Green Team members took notes about things they noticed and could improve. The group took walks not only outdoors, but indoors as well to properly capture their environment.  

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 1/19/18

It ain’t easy Bee-ing Green

Last Friday, Neinas Elementary hosted Ms. Mary Claire Lamm and Bee Green from Green Living Science for a presentation on recycling best practices. Sustainability Coordinator Mrs. Lazrowicz’s Green Team was in attendance at the assembly, which was designed to address contamination issues, like food and non-recyclables, that they had been noticing in the school’s recycling bins.


Cornering Impact at DIA 
A Green Team student from the Detroit International Academy weighs the various impacts of having a greenhouse on her campus. Students used graphic organizers to separate economic, individual, community, and environmental impacts. This criteria-based approach helps students consider different aspects of an issue before making a group decision. The Sustainability Coordinator at DIA is Ms. Valentine. 

Osborn Weaves New Solutions  

Students from the Green Team at Osborn create up-cycled woven rugs out of plastic grocery bags. Noticing the abundance of plastic bags and creative talent within the team, students elected to explore alternative uses for the bags. The Sustainability Coordinator at Osborn is Ms. Shields. 

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 1/12/18

Welcome Back!


Decisions, Decisions…
The Green Team at Carver STEM meets with AmeriCorps Green School Coordinator Jordan Larson to make a decision on their capstone project. Before break, the team compiled a list of possible ideas, which they are now considering using a criteria-based process. The Sustainability Coordinator at Carver is Ms. Chudy. 

Festive & Funky at Frederick Douglass 
On the last day before winter break began, the Green Team at Frederick Douglass Academy hosted a holiday celebration called “Chillin in the Courtyard” as an effort to build community and activate an underutilized space at their school. With holiday music classics blasting, more than two-hundred cookies and six gallons of hot chocolate were distributed to students. With such a festive atmosphere, many students couldn’t help but dance away their lunch period with the team! 
Thank you for all that you do!

DPSCD Go Green Challenge News from the Schools: 12/22/17


Reduce, Reuse & Revitalize!
The Green Team from DCP @ Northwestern High School spent all of last Tuesday cleaning up their 5th-floor greenhouse. Students from all grade levels pitched in throughout the day. Led by Sustainability Coordinator Mr. Jennings, students aim to make the greenhouse a usable and informative space. 

Survey Says: Go Green
The students of Ms. Lazarowicz’s 5th Grade Green Team at Neinas completed the final phase of their community inventory this week by conducting the survey they wrote. The survey asked questions in multiple formats to gauge opinions on issues like safety, recycling, and graffiti and was administered to students and staff. 

Time to Dance at Carstens 
AmeriCorps Green School Coordinator Lauren Boyle learns to dance from the best at Carstens. After their Tier 3 Green Team meeting, thestudents decided to show their coordinators some new moves, accompanied by their Sustainability Coordinator Ms. Powell on piano. 

Enjoy the Break, and don’t forget to Power Down!