Green Schools Coordinators

Going Green is a team effort at DPS!

Through program partner EcoWorks, DPS Go Green Challenge Schools have the opportunity to be supported by AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators. Each DPS Go Green School will be assigned two AmeriCorps Green School Coordinators to guide and support them throughout the challenge. Take a look at our team for the 2018/19 DPS GGC year below!

2018-2019 Green School Coordinators


Eradajare Oleitafullsizeoutput_55d3.jpeg

Erada is a proud Nigerian, born and raised in Lagos, but she moved to Michigan her sophomore year of high school and has fell in love with the city ever since. She has an undying commitment to community, people, and helping the youth. She loves  poetry and has been performing in the heart of Detroit for over a year now.

She discovered her passion for helping and giving back when she took a year off college and volunteered with a non-profit called Enjoy Detroit. There she learned leadership skills and compassionate giving. She is passionate about expressing creativity, education and how helping the youth discover their creative side can help them live a prosperous life. In her free time Erada loves designing clothes and performing poetry. She also loves dogs, reading, cooking  and relaxing with friends and family.


Lizzie DePentu Version 2

Lizzie is a recent graduate from the University of Michigan where she studied Political Science, Food Systems, and the Environment. Before joining YES, Lizzie developed an interest in community organizing and environmental justice through various roles on campus, non-profit work, and environmental policy work on the federal level. She has a deep love for veggies and tries to spend as much time as possible gardening and cooking. Lizzie is incredibly excited to serve with YES and continue to learn alongside students in Detroit and work towards a greener and healthier future.

Janisa Nelson JanisaNelson

Janisa considers Flint, Michigan home but has lived between Flint and Detroit for most of her life. As a graduate from King High School she feels a strong connection to DPS and its students. For her, watching her family and friends have the misfortune of dealing with the Flint Water Crisis became the catalyst for her interest in environmental justice. She’s been very passionate about her community and the people within it ever since. As an artistic being she hopes to engage the youth in creative ways to beautify their surroundings. She strives to be the educator that students can look up to all while learning from them as well in the process.

Jayme Hamfullsizeoutput_5536.jpeg

Jayme has a deep passion for inspiring and mentoring youth, as well as giving back to the community. She is currently studying criminal justice aspires to inspire in any way she can. Social, economic, criminal, and environmental justice are all very important to her as they shape the way she interacts with individuals and how they interact with her on a daily basis. Jayme has contributed to numerous community service projects and groups like; Detroits’ Open Door Rescue Mission, Cranbrooks’ Horizons Upward Bound, and now, AmeriCorps’ Youth Energy Squad.

Nothing makes her happier, and the world more sustainable, than working to leave the Earth better than she found it. Everyday she strives to help individuals reach their goals and follow their passions and dreams.

fullsizeoutput_554fKeem King

Keem hails from the east side of Detroit, although at any time you might spot him in various parts of the city cruising on his skateboard with a few handful’s of wild plants that he probably foraged from some unkempt land. He has a passion for life in all forms, “just pass it to the little guy” is a saying that was never valid in his existence. There is no such thing as the “little guy” or someone who gets to be looked over, the value in Keems personality can be felt almost instantly example, he picks up a plant that I walk over everyday and begins to eat it, then he goes “taste this” this caused me to take a second to think about things a little more. The way he values life and meaningful work has brought him to YES. Life is rare yet important and on Earth specifically it should be sustainable.

Jordan LarsonJordan Headshot wordpress

Jordan is serving for a second year with the Youth Energy Squad and is a recent graduate from Quest University Canada with a degree in Ecological Economics. Jordan is very passionate about the intersections of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Additionally, Jordan deeply values youth voices and believes engaged education has the power to facilitate meaningful change. Having been born and raised in Metro Detroit, Jordan felt the need to return to Michigan after college and follow his passions for by serving with EcoWorks Youth Energy Squad Program. He is very excited to be on the team, and hopes that his previous experience in youth leadership development and his drive to foster authentic connections brings value to the program and has a positive impact on the students he serves.

 Josh Musicant fullsizeoutput_55db.jpeg

Josh is serving for a second year with the Youth Energy Squad. In 2017 he became a University of Michigan grad by way of the Jersey Shore and he is passionate about creative environmentalism and communal social change. His hobbies include watching the New York Mets, eating tofu pad thai, dancing, reading, and running around. Josh hopes to go back to school to build on his past research and spend his life advocating for animals and promoting radical-compassionate politics. Josh is really excited to serve with YES so he can be fueled and inspired by the passion, creativity, and sincerity of young Detroiters.

Logan Applebeefullsizeoutput_560b.jpeg

Logan is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan from rural Mid-Michigan. At U of M, he studied environmental science and urban studies and was passionate about creating professional opportunities for environmentalists. Logan has previously interned with the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan of Detroit, MI and Sustainable Urbanism International of Bangalore, India. In the future, he would like to connect planning, social justice, and the environment through community-based planning. His hobbies include watching copious amounts of baseball, cooking, supporting independent bookstores, and exploring public transit systems around the world.

Logan is excited to serve with YES and work at the intersection of social justice, youth leadership, and environmentalism.