DPSCD Green Week Activities

Stay tuned for DPSCD Green Week 2019!

DPSCD Green Week is a celebration of Earth Day that extends the whole week! All DPSCD schools are invited to participate in activities that make their schools, homes and communities more sustainable. The Green Teams at participating DPSCD Go Green Challenge schools also have the opportunity to highlight their work during the school year to help the district Go Green. If you would like to be a part of the Green Week planning committee, please contact us at dps.gogreen@detroitk12.org.



Welcome to the DPSCD Green Week 2017!

Green Week begins this year on Monday, April 24th and is celebrated throughout the week, ending on April 28th. Although Earth Day itself, April 22nd, is not held during Green Week this year, you can still celebrate with DPSCD by joining us at Drew Farms on April 22nd from 10am-2pm to harvest fresh produce, get free bike repairs, learn about water drainage fees and more!

As a part of the DPSCD Go Green Challenge, all schools are invited to participate in celebrating Green Week by completing the activities in the calendar below or by developing your own events! Activities from past years can be found further down on this page. The color designation for each day relates to a color of a fresh food that will be served in all DPSCD school cafeterias on each day of Green Week.

If your school is participating in the DPSCD Go Green Challenge, you can earn 1 Innovation point for participating in Green Week. Submit an Innovation Project Submission Form and 2 photos on Credly to receive a point.

Please let us know what your plans are for Green Week so we can promote your school’s activities by filling out this survey!


Earth Week Activities 2017 FINAL

Monday, April 24th: Nutrition

In Class Activity: Rainbow Plates

All School Activity: Carrot Crunch!

Take it Home: Ride the Fresh Wagon

Tuesday, April 25th: Water

In Class Activity: Water Filtration Activity

All School Activity: School Water Audit

Take it Home: Home Water Audit

Wednesday, April 26th: Gardening

In Class Activity: Detroit School Garden Collaborative’s Do Nows

All School Activity: Plant Your Garden

Take it Home: Find Your Community Garden

Thursday, April 27th: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In Class Activity: Bee Green’s Do Nows

All School Activity: School Cleanup

Take it Home: Get a Recycling Bin at Home

Friday, April 18th: Energy

In Class Activity: School Energy Patrol

All School Activity: Power Down for the Weekend

Take it Home: Home Energy Audit


*End of 2017 Green Week Activities*

Below, please find Green Week Activities from previous years of the DPSCD Go Green Challenge:

Welcome to DPS Earth Week 2016! Earth Week begins this year on Monday, April 18th and is celebrated throughout the week, culminating on Earth Day, Friday, April 22nd. As a part of the DPS Go Green Challenge, all schools are invited to participate in celebrating Earth Week by completing the activities on the calendar below, or by developing their own events! If your school is a part of the DPS Go Green Challenge, you can earn 1 Innovation Point for each of your Earth Week Activities.

Tell us what you are planning for Earth Week by completing the survey located here:


The DPS Earth Week Calendar is full of exciting activities for your school – all available by clicking on the links in the Calendar.  Download the DPS Earth Week Calendar here: 2016 DPS Earth Week Calendar


2016 DPS Earth Week Calendar

Short write ups and directions for each Earth Week activity can be found below. Please share your plans for Earth Week with the DPS Go Green Team by completing this survey! Photos and stories from your events can be shared through the DPS Go Green email at dps.gogreen@detroitk12.org or you can compete in the Earth Week Photo Contest!

Monday, April 18th – Energy and Water:

Celebrate Your Green Team

Lights Out Contest

Daily EcoFact Announcements

Take a Tour With Your Facility Manager

Energy Scavenger Hunt

Color of the Day

Tuesday, April 19th – Gardens:

DPS Go Green Challenge Activity- Plan and Plant Your Garden

Cooking Demonstrations

Recycled Planters

Garden Scavenger Hunt

Starting Seeds

Soil Matters

Wednesday, April 20th – Recycling:

Recycled Art Projects

Recycling Sorting Game

Recycling Jeopardy

Keep America Beautiful Recycling Jeopardy

Recycled Baskets and Mats

Build a Recycling Mascot

Decorate a Bin for Your Classroom

Thursday, April 21st – Healthy Eating:

Healthy Snack

Smoothie Making

Rainbow Plates

Rethink Your Drink

My Plate Grades 1-2

My Plate Grades 3-4

My Plate Grades 5-6

What Foods Have Fat

Friday, April 22nd – Earth Day!

Shell Eco-Marathon

Earth Day Assemblies

Green Parades

School Clean Up

Read a Green Book

Sustainability Newspapers

Sustainability news articles – Facing the Future